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Features of a Donation Platform

A donation platform is a software that will permit your non-profit organization to receive donations from people all around the world via the internet. It lets individuals make donation pages on behalf of your non-profit organization. So, the next time you request funds through their pages, they are transferred straight to your non-profit organization. 

To look for a reliable donation platform is worth a considerable amount of thought, irrespective of the size of your organization. If you are already investing in that and it has led you here, Donorbox might be the perfect place for you. It is the best fit for your fundraising needs. And here’s why:

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Smooth Checkout: 

Checkouts can be time-consuming, but Donorbox cuts that down for you. It has a swift and reliable checkout system. It also accepts a wide variety of online payment methods so that even minor inconvenience is never the case. Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal Express with One Touch, and Bank Payments are all acceptable methods of making a payment. Enjoy a smooth and painless checkout. 

Increasing Donations:

Donorbox can help you reach your donation goals. Setting up recurring donations is easy and quick. Donors can pay their donation processing fees. Other businesses are allowed to donate to your cause. Donorbox is compatible with 20 famous currencies. This means that you can accept donations from any place in the world. Moreover, if you are from the UK, Donorbox lets donors pay the tax on their contributions. There is also an option to categorize your donation as a gift to avoid tax.

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Donorbox Donation Platform Lets You Share Your Cause

Donation forms can appear on the screen with as few as one click. Eleven languages are supported. The donor wall shows responses to your campaign. You can also share how far you have come with the Donorbox goal meter. Share your cause on social media and gain increasing donors. It also offers the option to share the impact against suggested donation amounts, so your donors know what they are contributing for.

Prioritizing Your Safety

Your donations are in safe hands. Donorbox uses Fraud Detection, SSL / TLS Encryption, Tokenization of Financial Data, and Strong Customer Authentication. Your card details are encrypted, and transactions are highly secured for your protection. 

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Manage Your Donors

Profiles of donors and the handling of donations are made more accessible. Donor Profile shows you the complete data of a donor that he enters upon entry. You can also ask ten custom questions from donors; notes about donations can also be made. All that done for your ease. 

Customize fully

Play with colors, make advanced edits, create fancy pages, or choose from a variety of standard layouts; whatever brings comfort to your eyes. Donorbox gives you the key to your webpages, so you adjust according to your preference.


You do not need to stress over fundraising laws in your country because Donorbox takes care of it and processes a tax receipt after every donation is made. At the end of the year, donors can also receive a report for the past season regarding their contributions.

Anonymous Donations

Many times, people want to donate, but without revealing their identities. Donors who wish to participate without their names upfront can do so as Donorbox supports anonymous transactions. Funds are maximized in every possible way.


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