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Useful Apps for Different Situations

Whether you’re a business manager or a freelancer, your smartphone is likely a hub of apps and various resources that you access for different reasons. Whether you’re bored on your way home or looking to write down some after an important meeting, you rely on your phone, specifically your apps, to help you out. Here you can find great apps applicable to different situations. 

Mobile Games

Mobile games are a great way to unwind or distract yourself when you’re waiting for your appointment in the dentist’s office. You can try action games packed with adrenaline or games that challenge you like crosswords, math games, and memory games, among many other options.

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If you’re a fan of the games of chance, then sign up to play casino games for real money. However, there are many casino sites online tailored for different regions, so you can play online casino games in Canada, for instance.  Also, casino sites feature an array of casino games, so you can choose one that suits your budget and preferences. Furthermore, online casinos are also appealing for members because they offer enticing bonuses and promotions. 


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If you’re already over-using the Notes app on your phone, you should download Evernote. Not only you’ll be able to coordinate and work with other project members, but you can bookmark articles, scan handwritten notes, write down notes, create notebooks, take audio notes, among many other features. 

So, this app is perfect when you need to brainstorm ideas when you’re taking notes in class or meeting with clients. There’s also a useful option that lets you sort out your invoices and bills. You can also install the desktop version of the app for your laptop, and it will sync automatically with your mobile app.

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PomoDone App 

If you need to be more productive or you tend to procrastinate when you have a lot of tasks, then this app can help you stay on track and easily finish your project. This is essentially a timer where you work for 25 minutes, and then you take a 5-minute break. 

You can work for a longer period of time, but you simply commit to working for 25 minutes without any distractions. With this app, you can customize your productive sessions and breaks.  This app is also a great option because it integrates with task management systems like Asana, Todoist, Trello, and others.


If you’re looking for a soulmate or you want to meet new people, then you can download Tinder. This is a dating app that matches you with people that share similar interests with you, but you get to choose whether you like your match by swiping right.  

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