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Some most Common Features of Student Accommodation

 A lot of students go with the option of private student accommodation when they go to study abroad. At this point of time during the summer season and everyone is enjoying their summer break and the accommodation owners are going to welcome the new batch of the coming year in September. This is the main reason a lot of people are undertaking various investments in student accommodation projects because the consumer base is very wide. The students will have various options like Studioprivate halls of residences, and many more.

 Following are some of the most common and must-have features of student accommodation:

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 Student Accommodation Should Have Proper Internet Connection along With Smart TV for Entertainment Purpose: 

For all the students who move away from their homes and families, TV is the only source of entertainment left in their life. So, the smart TV installation should also come with a subscription to various platforms like Amazon Prime and Netflix. 

A lot of people who are going to invest funds into the student accommodation sector must consider this option because it will help in providing them with a competitive edge in comparison to the traditional student accommodation. The en-suite should have a good internet connection as well. With the help of this facility, the students can log in to their accounts and can watch movies all together rather than watching them on personal laptops. So, this is a must-have feature for all the student accommodation. There are various landlords or charge separately for such services but these services have become the need of the hour for the shared apartments.

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The Landlord Should Also Provide Gym Facility to The Students:

Everybody now especially the youth is fitness freak and conscious about their health. So, it is very much important to have a gym in the on-campus accommodation so that students can remain fit as well as healthy. A lot of students are freak for parties but side-by-side they are concerned about their health which is the main reason the developers of such accommodation must consider constructing the gyms in these areas. 

This will help to provide a healthy lifestyle to the students which will ultimately develop the focus to words studies in a better way. This is also an opportunity for the landlords to charge more from the students because they can charge separately for the gym membership other than the charges of dual occupancy studio.

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The Location Should be Prime:

The location of the student accommodation such as shared en-suite should be too good as well as primary. The developers must keep in mind that these kinds of facilities are provided at the prime locations of the city so that more and more students are attracted to them which will help in widening their consumer base. It will also help in making the already existing consumers highly satisfied. Proximity to colleges is another good point that must be considered here. The student accommodations must be located near the market places, cafes, and many more facilities. Usually, the outsider students do not have conveyance so they should also have proper access to public transportation so that they can fulfill all the requirements. Another thing to be considered here is that the essential requirements that should be fulfilled at walking distances from the accommodation.

The Student Accommodation Should Be Highly Affordable:

The private student accommodation should be highly affordable and the landlords should never aim to exploit the students by charging them premium prices for normal things. They must consider that students are not capable of earning on themselves and they are dependent upon parents. So another thing is that the students have shifted to the new city for career building so they must never be exploited.

 The charges for each and everything should be highly genuine from the end of developers. The budget constraint is a very huge constraint from the student’s point of view. So, the developers must focus on providing maximum features in comparison to the most genuine prices charged by the students so that they can fulfill their needs effectively as well as efficiently.

The Accommodation Should Also Provide Proper Laundry Services: 

The landlords and developers must also focus that they should provide proper laundry services to the students along with the facility of the maid so that accommodation can be kept clean. Many of the students prefer this option so the developers must add this feature into their portfolio of services so that they become highly attracted by everybody.

 In many of cases, students can hire the services and will pay them accordingly. This service should not be made a compulsion rather it should be kept as an option for the students so that they can fulfill their needs and requirements accordingly and timely.

 The Accommodation Should Also Have Proper Fixtures as Well as Furniture:

 Student accommodation should have proper fixtures along with basic other facilities like electricity supply, kitchen appliances, Water supply, and many more. In case accommodation provides all these things then they can charge a good amount of money from the students. A lot of students consider these things at the time of finalizing the accommodation so these things must be paid proper attention.

 All those cities which have highly popular colleges and universities have witnessed great trends of student migration in the past few years. The universities are being established in every corner of the countries which provides people with opportunities to convert their already existing properties into student accommodation. This is a great trend in the metropolitan cities that people are offering their apartments to the students so that they can charge a good amount of money from them. This is process is benefiting both the parties.

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