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Software Technologies in Online Casinos


Casinos have come a very long way from the state that they were in before. Technology has truly shaped the way that an online casino works. From digital betting shops to live games, there is a lot of time and work put into the making of an online casino. The use of different types of software technology makes this possible.

Besides, licensed online casinos bring a whole new perspective on how “traditional” casinos work. They are more practical, easy, and generally more beneficial than land-based casinos. Did you know that the online gambling industry was worth more than $100bn? And this was only in 2017. Players seem to make more money online than they do in person! And with the current state of the world, more and more people are staying indoors. As a result, casino sites are on the rise again.

There is so much that technological advancements have to offer. The five following points are just some examples of software technologies used in online casinos:

  1. NetEnt (Net Entertainment)

Some of the world’s best casino sites rely on NetEnt for their gaming solutions. NetEnt, also called Net Entertainment, has been around since 1996. They asserted off with only a handful of games like slots and blackjack. But now, you can’t find more than a hundred NetEnt games. This software company specializes in RNG (Random Number Generator) and Live Casino games. This ensures that you have a fair and enjoyable experience.

But one of the best features of this company is that they have stellar graphics. They offer incredible 3D imaging, along with innovative games and bonuses. To add, you can get great payouts! What else could you ask for as a player?

  1. Evolution Gaming

Live stories and updates. You may have seen them already. In the news, on Facebook and other platforms. But it’s true for gambling too. The live and interactive experience has significantly improved the industry. And Evolution Gaming makes this happen.

In live gambling, you can experience live dealing with games like roulette and blackjack. You can also find live monopoly, Sic Bo, and Dragon Tiger. The choices are endless. Besides, there are specifically-designed, live dealer casino games where you can see this happen. Evolution gaming has many competitors when it comes to live to game, but it ranks at the top. A lot of live online casinos trust the company to raise the player volume.

To add, live casinos allow you to bet real money. You are guaranteed a good payback.

  1. Betsoft Gaming

Slot machines are quite objective. There is a wide range of slot machines available and people have a preferred one for their own personal reasons. However, Betsoft provides some of the best slot machines out there.

Betsofts’ graphics and gameplay are way ahead of the game. As a gambler, this is not a slot machine you want to miss. They offer their slots either as a package, or just a particular game a casino requires. People love the software for its 3D slots and mobile-friendly casino games. Betsoft is one of the world’s best igaming software. It truly makes any online casino stand out from the rest. Adding Betsoft games to a casino overall improves the look of the whole casino site.

  1. Rival Gaming

Rival Gaming is another great software for slots. You cannot call yourself an only casino fanatic if you haven’t tried out their i-Slots yet. With their superior graphics and sounds, they are worth the time and money alone. Rival Gaming is also fairly new. They have been around since 2006 and offer a plethora of slots to choose from. To add, Roval Gaming is compatible with both PCs and mobile devices. You can find more than 150 slots in their collection.

However, it’s not just the graphics of an i-Slots that make it so attractive. When playing, you’ll go through a story scape of sorts. It’s a very immersing and unique experience. One no online casino player should miss.

  1. Microgaming

Last but not least, we have Microgaming. This software company has been around since 1994 and more or less has helped create the online gaming industry. In 1994, they created the first-ever online casino software. Just a few years later, online gaming took off in terms of popularity. More and more companies were inspired to bring more to the table. In 2004, they created the first mobile casino software. This new innovation earned them a name in the mobile gaming industry as well.

However, the company has not died down today. They release two to five games every month. This keeps the software company up-to-date and among those who always have something new to offer. And because of the ever-changing world, Microgaming has its finger in a lot of pies. They create all types of games, which in turn gives them an even larger audience.

Summing Up