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Don Forman Automotive’s Breakthrough During This Pandemic Period

This pandemic has caused a downfall to so many businesses in all parts of the world. People have experienced severe losses, and many companies have had to lay off their employees because they can’t afford to sustain them anymore. This is not the situation that Don Forman has been facing. His business has been thriving even through this harsh economic time because of his excellent customer service and philanthropist nature. He has been a significant stepping stone in this trying times, being involved hands-on in making the lives of affected persons a little much bearable. He has been part of several projects that have helped out the people in his community during these tough times.

His life and line of work

Don Forman is the owner of the Don Forman Nissan dealership company. He is a successful businessman in the automotive industry and is also popular for his charity work within the Las Vegas region. He has a team with whom they go around the area helping people who are in dire need of funds and emotional support. He has been able to stay relevant in his business because of the good customer service he offers to his clients. His clients from the region and surrounding areas have grown fond of him because of the quality services that he provides to his clients.

Don Forman, the philanthropist

Don Forman automotive is a famous philanthropist who has a big heart. During the Las Vegas shooting, Don Forman and his team were at the forefront of helping out the victims of the shooting. They offered counseling services to the victims’ loved ones, blood donation, and also offered supplies like food and water. He initiated a blood drive in Las Vegas that sensitized people in the region to turn up and donate blood for the victims. This was a very successful project, and so many people got to know about him through it. He believes in giving back to society, and that is one initiative that he strives to achieve in the region.

Promoting positivity during COVID-19 period

During this period, there has been a lot of negative things happening within society. People have lost their jobs which have led to them losing their homes. Don Forman announced that he would be providing shelter and food for the homeless. 

He then set out to provide people who are homeless shelter and also giving them food. He believes in helping out people who are depressed because of the harsh economic times by providing them with food and shelter and a little token to sustain them through this period. Don Forman has become a hero in his community because of the nature of the work that he has been doing for the needy in society.

He is a firm believer of the importance of education

Don Forman automotive is a firm believer in the power of an educated society. It is for this reason that he started another initiative to help out the people who cannot afford to pay school fees. He paid tuition fees for the needy students who wanted to go to college and also gave them cars to help them get to school. Don Forman is proud when he sees these kids finish their schooling and finally get to their dream jobs.

So many kids have benefited from this project, and he is not stopping at that. He wants to focus on helping more and more kids achieve their dreams by getting them educated in the schools of their choice. He has become a father to these kids that they look up to him as their mentor. He usually takes up a group and empowers them to teach others the same way.

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