7 Classic Black and White Movies That You Should Watch Now


When the cinema was newly introduced to the audience, some of the best movies were made by extraordinary film directors. If you have still not watched the classic black and white movies, there’s a lot left for you to explore in the world of cinema. You can easily get free online movies to explore the classic world of cinema. Here are top 7 classic black and white movies that you should watch for sure!

  1. Sunset Boulevard:

This movie was released back in the year 1950. The story of the film depicts how the struggling writer is not able to sell is high-quality work. The way in which the story proceeds is appreciated. The viewers are left shocked by the tragic end of the movie. Camera angles and a good sense of making a movie by the director Billy Wilder makes this movie worth watching.

  1. Modern Times:

This is something interesting for Charlie Chaplin fans! Here, the legendary actor works in a factory and the way he has to struggle to accommodate his new job. The way the entire story is narrated by the expressions of this legendary actor is quite impressive. Modern Times is a great dose of humor. This movie was released at the time of the Great Depression, which is in the year 1936.

  1. Psycho:

Alfred Hitchcock was known as a legendary filmmaker after the release of the movie Psycho. If your favorite genre is suspense, then you must watch this movie! The story lies around a murder mystery at a motel. A little addition of horror along with suspense will make this movie worth watching it.

  1. On the Waterfront:

Directed by Elia Bernstein, this movie was released in 1954. The main character of the movie is a man who is involved in several illegal activities. Then he meets a girl who wants to take revenge for his murdered brother. This movie beautifully describes the world of responsibility. Due to the joint efforts of all the cast and crew members, this movie is truly a masterpiece in the world of cinema.

  1. Casablanca:

The script and the dialogues that are beautifully delivered by the cast make this movie interesting for the viewers. It is a great mixture of action, drama, and suspense. The main character of Casablanca is a freedom fighter from the past who now has a nightclub. The period in which the movie is shot in the early years of world war II.

  1. It’s a Wonderful Life:

This movie is based on one of the best short stories, which is The Greatest Gift. it depicts how initially a man was attempting suicide but ended up saving a guardian angel. Later, he realized that despite all his problems, he wants to live his life to the fullest! You will feel quite relaxed and mentally refreshed after watching this movie.

  1. Citizen Kane:

This is one of the favorite movies for people even in the present. The story starts with a reporter coming across the complex story of a man while taking an interview for his newspaper column. The viewers of this movie couple also relate the story to their childhood. Citizen Kane is directed by Orson Welles and is a landmark in the world of cinema. Therefore, to know more about this extraordinary movie, you must stream it now!