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What Can You do to Improve Your CSAT scores

What are some ways you can increase the CSAT scores for your call center? Here we will look at some different techniques and technologies you should consider. These will help you improve your customer experience and customer satisfaction scores.

CSAT Scores and How to Improve Them

First, what are CSAT scores and why does your call center need to pay attention to these scores? CSAT scores calculate the level of customer satisfaction your call center accumulates. In other words, they measure how happy your customers are after you provide customer support or service. This is usually a response to the question: “How would you rate your satisfaction with our service/company today?” So, how do you improve your CSAT scores? It’s simple, by improving customer experience and service.

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Investing in the Right Call Center Technology

Start by getting the right call center software for your company. This means finding a provider — for example, United World Telecom, Koala Calling, etc., — that can offer you the ideal communication tools and features to support your customer service efforts. These features will help you manage call volumes so your agents can do a better job when serving callers.

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Consider this: can your business make use of a well-designed IVR system that distributes and manages incoming calls effectively via automation? Can you use an outbound calling service with customizable caller ID capabilities to connect with local and international clientele? You may even consider call forwarding options where calls ring on multiple phone lines at the same time. This way, it is answered by at least one agent. Or, have calls ring through a list of phone lines. So that if the first line is busy, the call is quickly forwarded to the next one, and so forth. This way, callers don’t wait in long lines and are attended to quickly, resulting in higher CSAT scores.

Increase Quality Assurance

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The next step is to ensure that your employees, reps, and agents are doing their job well. This refers to quality assurance checks and performance analysis. Most call center managers either sit in on calls or listen to recordings of calls to analyze: 

  • How agents are interacting with customers.
  • Strategies that are working.
  • Which outbound calling tactics are performing better than others.
  • Which agents are lacking interpersonal skills.
  • How can agents do better.

Studying these aspects of agent behavior and helping them improve can vastly improve customer experience.

Identifying Customer Issues

Another important aspect of good customer service is resolving customer issues. This relates to identifying core issues and concerns that customers or clients may face so that your agents can resolve them quickly. The aim should be to increase your call center’s first call resolution rate — that is, resolving the issue on the first call itself. Being able to do so leads to higher CSAT scores, more returning customers and recommendations as your business will be seen as one that focuses its energies on providing its callers with quick solutions.

Focus on Personal Interaction

While attention is being paid to automating call center tasks, customers who get to interact with a person over an IVR system will leave the call more satisfied. The purpose of calling to resolve an email, instead of emailing, is to get a quick response. And, at times, the IVR system may not be able to do so, especially if you do not have a highly advanced system.

Now, this does not mean that you need to do away with your IVR system altogether. But you should design it in such a way that your customer interacts with an agent at some point, even if it is at the end where the agent asks: “Is there anything else we can do for you today?” Having more personal interaction can help you increase CSAT scores and customer retention rates, which is important in the long run.

CSAT Scores: The Way to Better Customer Interaction

Increasing your CSAT scores means upping your customer service and support game. This includes training your agents and reps better, monitoring and managing them more proactively, and giving them the tools and technologies they need to succeed. Then, watch as your call center increases not only its customer satisfaction rates but also its customer retention rates as more and more businesses find value in your services.

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