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Where to Find an N95 Mask?

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Masks are available in a large range of materials from various countries of manufacture, and complying against a range of global standards. While more options are a positive sign, it can be hard to choose since many of us are new to wearing a mask. We can feel inundated by the choices, and lost when trying to figure out which is the best one for us and where to find a N95 mask.

Regardless of whether you’re heading off to the market or getting onto the metro, both Dr. Scott Segal, Director of Anesthesiology at Wake Forest Baptist Health, and Dr. Aaron Glatt, a representative for the Infectious Diseases Society of America — agree that the best mask is one that is worn properly. This means it needs to completely cover your whole mouth and nose. 

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Why Wear a Mask at All?

The main purpose of a mask is to keep the droplets from your breath within the mask. So, the firmer the fit, the better. This shields others from your breath, on the event that you have caught the corona-virus, but don’t know it yet. In order words, you could be presymptomatic or asymptomatic for the coronavirus

The other main reason to wear a mask, is to protect you from catching the virus. By wearing a mask you are protecting yourself from droplets that come toward you when people speak and breath in your direction.

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Both these specialists confirm that the best masks are multi-layered. Dr. Segal says that different materials offer different amounts of protection.  Multi layers of thicker, firmly woven sewing cotton or bed sheets are the best at sifting through little infection-sized particles compared to looser weaves like a t-shirt. 

What is The Best Type of Material for a Mask?

Although we previously tested 32 different materials of face masks to determine comfort and fit, there are many more types available out there.  We’ve spoken with specialists and everyday people who’ve worn masks in various scenarios — from spring up eateries to the dental specialist’s office — about the best masks for every one of them. 

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If you are in health, you need to go with the minimum standards recommended for your industry. But in the general public, you are able to choose any type of face covering with many opting for a simple multi-layered cloth mask.

Where to Find a N95 Mask?

We all know that the N95 mask is the gold standard in providing protection. But it can be hard to find, especially in pharmacists and other health stores. But did you know that painters, welders, asbestos removal workers all wear N95 masks for their jobs. Which means you can find a N95 mask in an online tool shop like Paragon Tools. So if you need a mask, click to find out more about what N95 masks they have in stock like the Honeywell H910 Plus, or the Bi wei kang Kn95 masks. A

Alternatively, you can walk into to Lowe’s and Ace Hardware who also stock N95 masks for construction and home redesign purposes. Of course, you may find them or other global equivalent masks in other eCommerce shops like Amazon, eBay, Walmart and Canberra Diamond Blade Suppliers. While vast numbers of these stores ran put at a point during the coronavirus pandemic, many are currently selling some types of masks online once more. 

Online retailers like DMB Supply and Clinical Supplies also now sell 3M masks and N95 masks made in the USA. Nonetheless, the stock might be restricted, so check this page for the most recent data.

At The Office – What is best?

Anna Kalm, a work advancement partner at the Reemergence Administration Association of Getting Out and Staying Out, came back to her office in June and has been wearing cloth masks from Sisters PPE (customized with her Association’s logo). The great thing about cloth masks is that “they’re delicate yet at the same time breathable,” she says. Even though they have multilayers, these masks are cooler in a hot working environment 

Dr. Scott Segal and Dr. Aaron Glatt agree that that wearing a well-fitting cloth mask in many non- health working environments should be adequate to stop the spread of viruses.

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