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Why Tech Tools are the Key to Sales Success in 2020

When we think of what makes a successful salesperson, we tend to focus on the soft, personal skills that have long been associated with sales success — things like empathy, time management, confidence, and communication skills.

And while anyone who wants to make it in sales will need to develop these capacities, the days when being a salesperson meant traveling from town-to-town or cold-calling every number in the phonebook are long gone: modern sales is a sophisticated, high-tech industry in which the latest software and technology are used to identify likely customers, cultivate relationships, and make the sale. 

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This means that if you want your sales team to succeed in 2020, they’ll need a lot more than charisma. Here are four essential tech tools that can help them land major clients and put up big numbers more quickly and efficiently than ever before.

1. Scripting

How do you start a sales call? How do you transition into your pitch? How do you close? These questions are as old as the telephone, and it’s no secret that having the right script dramatically increases your sales team’s success rate.

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But how do you write this script, and how can you ensure that it will actually work? One important new feature sales engagement platforms like VanillaSoft have started to offer is logical-branch scripting software that gives your sales reps the best possible text for turning a lead into a sale.

2. Appointment Setting

Appointment-setters are the unsung heroes of the sales team. Without their dogged work of liaising with prospects and getting real meetings in the calendar, many salespeople would never get a chance to make their pitch.

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With the latest tech tools, appointment setting is getting a lot easier. Automated reminders and sophisticated time-management tools make appointment setting software a must-have if you want to maximize the number of meetings you book.

3. Auto Dialing

All-too-often, sales reps spend large parts of their day working through unproductive calls and chasing down dead leads — not to mention scrolling through databases trying to find the next number to call. 

The best sales engagement platforms take the guesswork out of calling by using auto dialing features that ensure the best number to call is always the next one that pops up. 

4. Lead and Sales Tracking 

Managing a team is always a complicated task, and most managers want to be fair to their workers and give them the benefit of the doubt. After all, engaged, happy sales teams have been shown to increase sales by more than 37%.  

But managers also have a responsibility to see how their team as a whole is functioning so they can identify members who might need some extra help or training. Lead and sales tracking can help you see the big picture and identify problematic patterns so you can get the most out of your leads and your team.  

Sales has always been a competitive industry, and in a world of targeted advertising, automated emails, and website trafficking tools that help you track in real-time who is checking out your services and products, it should come as no surprise that tech is transforming how sales is done. For delicious and luxury foods Buy Caviar online is best the services you can have

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