Facebook adds support for zoom and Netflix to Portal


Facebook is adding  Netflix, Zoom on its platform Portal as an alternative way to spend time together and for working remotely, new titles in Story Time library and more.

The new applications add to other streaming services on Portal TV including Amazon Prime VideoSHOWTIME and SLING TV. And starting today, you can enjoy all your favourite shows and movies on Netflix with Portal TV.

 However, for Netflix, this will be possible only with an existing subscription.

Owing to the fact that COVID-10 is still around the corner, holidays will look different this time.  Portal lets you feel like you’re there with friends and family, even when you’re physically apart making it easy to create new traditions and memories this holiday season. Whether you’re catching up with friends, collaborating with coworkers or sharing a bedtime story with grandparents, Portal helps you stay connected with the people you care about.

the zoom addition will let get more out for your meetings with portal as a dedicated screen for your video calls. This will give you an option free up your laptop or multitask.

And with high-fidelity sound and an AI-powered Smart Camera for hands-free video calling, Zoom on Portal is also a great way to stay close with friends and family. Host a holiday dinner, happy hour or game night with up to 25 people on screen. Zoom on Portal is now available on Portal Mini, Portal and Portal+ in all regions where Portal is sold.

To add on, Facebook is also introducing a new remote that features one-touch buttons for Prime Video, Facebook Watch and Netflix so it’s easy to open your favourite entertainment apps. The remote begins shipping with Portal TV today from portal.facebook.com and will be in stores in the coming weeks.

“We also added the ability to control AR Effects in Photo Booth using your voice with “Hey Portal.” Now you can use “Hey Portal” with AR effects to create and send fun themed cards. You can also take photos and videos with AR effects to share with friends and family via Messenger.”