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How the Automotive Industry Can Benefit from CMM Technology


A coordinate measuring machine’s ability to intricately and accurately measure an object’s geometry makes it an essential manufacturing tool for a wide variety of industries. 

For example, the automotive industry significantly relies on the exact measurements and reverse engineering that CMMs are known to provide at a large scale. After all, cars involve many moving parts that, to operate correctly, need to be produced based on exact measurements and distances. 

Consider the many different ways automotive parts manufacturers and other businesses in the industry can benefit from utilizing a coordinate measuring machine and its precise measuring abilities. 

Cost-Effective Manufacturing Equipment

One of the most significant expenses experienced in the automotive industry is manufacturing equipment. The addition of a CMM can be a cost-effective choice for manufacturers of car parts for a wide variety of reasons. For example, you can purchase a used coordinate measuring machine for sale, rent a machine, make use of on-site services, and more. 

Additionally, it’s important to note the other ways CMMs help cut costs; these machines automate processes for reduced labour costs, remove the need to pay damages due to human error, and improve the overall accuracy and speed of the production process. 

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Measuring Essential Parts 

Auto-related businesses can use CMMs for various purposes throughout the automotive manufacturing process. You can use the technology for purposes, including:

  • Measuring engines
  • Measuring the flat machined surfaces of engines
  • Measuring the diameters and depths of hols of parts
  • Measuring a car’s body

Reverse Engineering 

Quality control plays an essential role in the automotive industry, and CMMs are often used to reverse engineer car parts for quality control and troubleshooting. A vehicle and its comprising features must function precisely and adequately for safe use. 

A CMM’s measuring capabilities can help businesses in the automotive industry reverse engineer vehicles and essential parts to ensure safety or identify a source problem before completing production.

These capabilities mark a substantial improvement from manually measuring parts and managing human error, resulting in a defective of a malfunctioning part. 

Repeated Accuracy

CMMs helps automotive manufacturers to facilitate repeated accurate production based on precise and exact measurements. These machines measure parts and their distance to improve and maintain a manufacturer’s production quality. 

According to Quality Mag, a CMM’s multi-sensor capabilities allows it to provide quality control, measure objects, and streamline production efforts all at the same time. CMMs speed up the entire process of manufacturing car parts by automating measurements and storing all data in one place.

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Protect Intricate Parts

Due to electrical wiring and other intricate gears and elements that ensure a vehicle’s essential and safe functions, a car’s parts can be incredibly fragile. CMM technology boasts no-contact lasers and scanners to provide exact measurements without coming into contact with a part and potentially compromising its integrity.

Saving Time

CMMs help automotive manufacturers save time by automating their processes and removing the element of human error. These machines provide businesses with accuracy and automation to reduce their time on manufacturing, reverse engineering, and quality control.

Specifically, these measuring capabilities can also help reduce the time needed to inspect or troubleshoot a vehicle and facilitate concise and efficient data reporting.  

Overall Popularity 

According to PRNewswire, the automotive industry is projected to dominate the CMM market between 2018 and 2023.