Samsung Introduces Latest Smart Home Appliances In Kenya


Samsung has introduced their latest home appliances in Kenya.

The company recently launched a campaign that would help their consumers understand their appliances better. It’s safe the say that most Kenyans are now appreciating home appliances and are willing to invest in quality products. One of their best and most promising home appliance was the 8K QLED TV that features a Quantum processor. According to Samsung, anyone that buys this can be assured of “immersive sound, endless detail and minimalist design” among more features.

There’s a higher demand for electronics.

Samsung’s Head of Electronics Sam Odhiambo mentioned that there’s an increase in demand for electronics which makes sense since people are spending a lot more time at home because of the pandemic. Their current campaign ensures that customers understand the electronics that they are buying before making any purchases. However, despite this educational campaign the biggest challenge will be the competitive pricing in the market which most people focus on before making any final decisions.