This Is How Kenya’s Fleetsimplify Is Helping Investors In The Transport Industry Make Money Stress-free


This is how fleetsimplify is helping investors in the transport industry make money stress-free.

Fleetsimplify, a fleet management platform for Mobility As A Service founded by Balqis Chepkwony, Glen Agak, Kenny Awosika and Salim Omar aims to be a one-stop solution for all transport-related needs and a fleet management platform for mobility as a service.

When Uber and other ride-hailing apps came to Africa or emerging markets, they encountered this demographic reality: The drivers who drive for Uber are not the cars owners. And the car-owners do not drive for Uber. They hire drivers to do that. Car owners find it stressful managing their ride-hailing business.


Though this business model is meant to benefit each party, you find that there’s always a bit of frustration from the car owners, the investors and even the drivers. Car owners complain that the drivers misuse vehicles hence high maintenance costs and this is where fleetsimlify comes in. They are currently based in Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania and South Africa.

Target market.

Their target clients include ride-hailing apps like Uber, Bolt, Ola etc; Also individuals and enterprises with vehicles on ride-hailing apps. In case you’re still floating and wondering how this company comes in handy, the idea is fleet management. So the idea is fleet management, in fleet management the managers are in charge of fleet operations and might be tasked with responsibilities that include vehicle maintenance, overseeing fuel consumption and fuel costs, driver management, asset utilization, route planning, and the implementation of any programs that increase company productivity.


This is a good market to venture into.

Currently the ride sharing market is valued at $183 billion. Yet out of those billions drivers still don’t make enough to buy their own cars and car owners don’t actually manage their own cars which as a result many people end up pulling out because of the frustrations. It would make sense why these companies would need to invest in fleet management solutions. Fleetsimplify has a suite of solutions and apps in its efforts to be “the Amazon of the transport industry”, they have apps such as Hailers, Instadriver, and Driverate.