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The Great Gatsby MLA Citation Examples

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The MLA citation style (or the Modern Language Association format) is most common when citing humanities sources. It was developed for English philology to study other modern languages or literatures, including comparative analysis, literary criticism, media research, cultural studies, and related disciplines. The goal of MLA style is to be short and to provide only the necessary amount of detail to identify the cited work and the place of information in that work.

          Students often receive assignments to write essays or personal reviews on specific books in English-speaking countries to learn to organize their reflections based on the readings. Generally, professors assign many papers on the F. Scott Fitzgerald novel The Great Gatsby because it discusses controversial themes. They also demand students to follow MLA citation guidelines. Therefore, young people must learn how to correctly create the Great Gatsby MLA citation to prepare good papers. Read more on wr1ter.com.

The Great Gatsby MLA Citation Examples

          According to MLA citation guidelines, you should indicate only the author’s last name and page number to provide specific information. For example:

          “In the novel, the prevailing issue involves the various kinds of society and the social class impact. There is a plain of ashes between West and East Egg, where George dwells (Fitzgerald 25).”

          After a direct quotation, paraphrasing, or presentation of borrowed material, you must indicate the source in brackets after the borrowed material.

          According to MLA guidelines, you should put any direct quotes in parentheses. For example:

          “The members of my family have been prominent and prosperous people in this middle-west city for three generations.” (Fitzgerald 5).

          According to MLA guidelines, any paraphrased data should not match directly, and you can cite it without parentheses. For example:

          For three generations, his family was prosperous in the city middle-west part (Fitzgerald 5).


Francis Scott Fitzgerald develops the money issue by illustrating the luxury and powers that accompany the wealthy. Nick tells how Jay threw parties every other weekend and invited many people to try to please Daisy (Fitzgerald 45). And yet Jay did not get an opportunity to marry her. Mostly because he did not meet her needs, this exact aspect provoked him to use all means to accumulate wealth. Henceforth, money was the most powerful tool because it influenced Daisy to marry Tom, though she was not in love with him.

          You should provide full source information in the cited references at the end of the paper.

E.g., Fitzgerald, F. Scott. The Great Gatsby. New York: Collier Books, 1987. Print.

          The works cited page must contain detailed information so that anyone could find the source. According to MLA style, you must arrange it in alphabetical order by the name of the author. For example:

          Abrams, Eva. Life and Work of Francis Scott Fitzgerald. Washington: Trust Press, 2014.

          Fitzgerald, F. Scott (Francis Scott). The Great Gatsby. New York: Collier Books, 1987.

          Kinsella, Kate. The Works of Francis Scott Fitzgerald. Chicago: Worldwide Print, 2017.

          The correct citation of sources is an essential part of the preparation of any written work. That is why it is worth studying this issue in detail and not making mistakes in completing your paper because it may lead to a lower mark.

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