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USB C Charger- Why You Should Switch to USB-C Fast Charging

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USB-C is beginning to pick up grip, asmore and moresmartphone manufacturing companies have started adding the new digital connection to their mobile devices. It is not just a better way to power up devices, but also a means of phasing out the headphone jack on smartphones.This new generation of USB chargers with a new port called USB-C is ready for extensive adoption worldwide because they are reliable, inexpensive, and most importantly faster than older charging ports. 

What is USB C Charger?

Type C is an advanced double-sided USB connector and comes with 24 pins. It is a reversible USB so you don’t need to fiddle when it comes to deciding which side should be plugged in to get your device charged. It is a little bit different in appearance fromother charging ports but has a huge improvement in its standard and features.

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What Makes USB Type C a better choice?

No doubt most of the devices use USB type A, it seems bulky and large too. Type A cables are commonly used for laptops and desktops, we cannot use them for modern mobile devices either to charge them or for data transfer purposes. That’s why, USB Micro, Type B, and Mini were invented to charge mobile devices in a better way. After that, USB Type C has been introduced as it is faster, high in power and small as well. The best thing about USB C charger is that it works well with any device if you have the right adapter. 

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Reasons you should use USB C Charger

Better charger support

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A couple of years ago, micro-USB were chargers worked at high speeds and others did not because there was no unified standard for mobile devices to detect whether it is being charged with the right charger or not. When a phone or other device is connected to the wrong charger, it ends up with slow charging. USB-C has resolved the issue and phones can easily figure out what charge mod is supported and power it up with the appropriate mode.

Faster charging

The older USB cables used to be 5V maximum. But the new USB C charger allows up to 20V to provide you with better and faster charging speed. It can charge your devices 4 times faster than USB Type B and USB-Micro. Moreover, this also allows laptops and other heavy-duty mobile devices to get charged at optimum speed. Not you only get your devices charged quickly but can also enjoy longer battery hours when charged with USB C.

Longer life ports

Springy components are inside the cable instead of inside the mobile device. It ensures long life of ports and can easily be replaced when the plug gets loose. It is also very easy to plug in and out to make sure the charging port of your phone is safe from damages. Moreover, it is cheaper to replace the USB C charging cable and keeps you away from expensive cable replace.

It is Universal

USB C is not just faster and durable, but can also be used for multiple mobile devices. As most of the smartphones, tablets and laptops come with the same charging port, a single charger could be enough for all the devices at home. When it comes to travel overseas, there will be no need to carry a variety of different chargers for different devices as it is capable of charging all your devices easily. You can charge up your devices with it quickly to enjoy long hours of battery. Whether in an office, conference room, or in the bedroom, you just need a single USB-C charger which is easy to use as well.

Easy connection

Most of the people had a problem when it comes to plug in USB-Micro or USB Type A to get a device charged because the right side of the cable needs to be selected. Thanks to the USB C, it comes with a double sided jack so you can easily plug it into your device without getting confused with the right side. Once connected successfully, it connects your device immediately with the charger to provide you with a fast and convenient charging experience.

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