Snapchat launches music-powered feature “Sounds” to rival TikTok


Snapchat has announced sounds, a music-powered streaming feature on its app that lets Snapchat users set their snaps to music, a function similar to TikTok.

Snapchat took to Twitter to make the announcement with an exclusive Justin Beiber’s new song “Lonely” as a preview saying” Introducing sounds, the newest way to share your mood on Snapchat, discover new songs, add music to your snaps pass it to your friends”

The feature is currently available for iOS users globally, it’s not clear when Android users will receive the feature but it should be soon. users will be able to add music to the snaps from a robust and curated catalogue of music from emerging and established content creators.

Once you receive a snap with sounds, you will have to swipe up to view the album art, song title, and name of the artist, you will get a Play this song link that will enable you to listen or save the link to download it on your favorite platform including Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud.

Snapchat has been testing the feature since August and continues to add more exciting features. Soon, Snapchat promises to add a button to allow users to make their own sounds.

Sounds is likely to help Snapchat to capitalize on the fracturing of the TikTok audience who have been exploring alternative apps to get entertained especially with the India ban. During the peak of COVID-19, TikTok saw an upsurge in usage that has since led to the genesis of similar platforms to rival the app besides the security contravention allegations in the US and India.