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How To Choose The Best Gimbal For Your iPhone?

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There was a time when a camera was an only option for clear photos and videos. However, now is the time when our mobile phones can do everything. The phones available in the market these days have such high quality cameras that unless you’re a professional photographer you don’t need a camera.

Making vlogs and videos is very common these days. Many people are turning towards this industry for their career. When you look to start something like that as a new career camera is the basic need. As we all know cameras are pretty expensive so we have our mobile phones.

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For making a video, a phone is not the only requirement. When there’s a new start up as a vlogger or a YouTuber, one wouldn’t want to spend much. You will get a fine camera quality with a good phone but you don’t want your video to be blurry. Not always you have someone to shoot a video for you. Sometimes or rather many times you have to do it by yourself.

For your video to be clear and still, you get a gimbal which keeps your phone still while you shoot. There are many such gimbals available out in the market. However, are you aware how to select the right gimbal that suits your phone? If not, we’re here to tell you how to choose the best gimbal for your iPhone. Let’s get started.

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Let’s First Find Out What An iPhone Gimbal Is.

An iPhone gimbal is nothing but a stabilizer that helps keep your phone stable so that you have a perfect video. Gimbals have a gyroscopic mechanism which helps hold the phone in place and move at the desired angle without causing any blurriness or shakiness. With the help of a gimbal you can shoot a video comfortably without any vibration. If you want to shoot a video which involves a lot of movement, gimbal becomes a necessity.

Now that you know what a gimbal is, we’ll move on to how to choose a good gimbal, what all to keep in mind to make the right choice and more.

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Go For A 3-Axis Stabilization

There are two types of stabilization available, 2-axis and 3-axis. The 2-axis stabilization provides stability in the horizontal plane when moving left to right or vice versa. When it comes to vertical movement, there might be some clarity issues with a 2-axis stabilization.

However, when you choose a 3-axis stabilization, no matter how you move the phone will move along with you keeping the stability intact. Your video would be more clear and you can shoot in any manner comfortably.

Pay Attention At The Weight

Weight plays an important role. Don’t choose a gimbal that is too bulky or heavy to carry. When you shoot a video where you’re constantly moving and talking, your heavy gimbal will make you tired soon. With a heavy gimbal your hands would start paining and you get tired very soon, which will make you lose energy to do your job. So go for a gimbal which is comparatively lighter so that it becomes easier for you.

Choose The Right Size

There are many vloggers who go from place to place every time. They have to pack their gimbals along with them wherever they go. Now, if this gimbal is big in size, how are you going to pack it? So, better than questioning this later on, choose an appropriate size in the first place itself. Get yourself a gimbal that can easily fit in your backpack.

Good Battery Life

Now, when you travel or have a long video to shoot, with no sources to charge, you need a long battery life. When you choose a gimbal make sure that the battery life is enough for such situations. There are gimbals which provide about 10 to 15 hours of battery life. Such gimbals are the best choice to shoot long videos or some movie.

Perfect Software And Easy To Use

Having the right software is necessary because it should be compatible with your iPhone. If it has a poor software and is difficult to use, you will face problems. So, check the software of the gimbal and the accessibility of your gimbal. Choose a gimbal which has all the necessary features. Make the right choices and add the best gimbal in your vault.

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