KOT React To First Electric Car In Kenya


KOT have reacted to the first electric car in Kenya.

Have you ever seen a Tesla in your life? well, if you haven’t you don’t need to worry about it because there’s a possibility that it will possibly be in the Kenyan market, however Kenyans are a group of logical human beings and Kenyans on Twitter are already discussing and arguing that it doesn’t make sense to have this car in the market because of the price and maintaining it.

Is a Tesla in Kenya even manageable?

If you own a Tesla in Kenya there’s a high possibility you were a part of some political scandal which earned you a few billions. This car costs KSh 10 million, so if you’re buying this don’t be surprised if KRA will come after you because it’s quite an expensive car. Just to get the car into the country would mean a probable 10% tax.

Now, how would someone maintain this car?

The concern of owning a Tesla in Nairobi would be, where would someone service it in the first place? Also, despite the upcoming infrastructure would a tesla survive on our Kenyan roads? Some Kenyans argued that it wouldn’t survive on the Kenyan roads and that our mechanics would not be able to handle it, however Mwirigi on Twitter argued that there’s only a slight difference in maintaining an electric car.

He added that we have everything a Tesla would need:

The next question would be, where would someone charge it?

So apparently a Tesla is not your ordinary kind of car which you fuel, Tesla’s have been designed in a way that they can travel for a while without needing any sort of mechanic control however when the time comes it needs to be charged. Well, you won’t have to to travel to a gas station to charge your Tesla but instead you can charge it at home. It’s pretty impressive because you will only need to charge it a couple of times a month and it all depends on how often you use it. With just a single charge you can travel a whole 6,000KM, do you need any more convincing that this car can actually survive in Kenya?

However, where will people get the spare parts?

Well, it’s a fact that Kenya has not exactly morphed into one of the most digital countries in the world. There’s only so much we can do with technology in Kenya and I can tell you for a fact that handling a Tesla and it’s electric parts is not one of our strengths for sure. You have to be super careful when handling this car in a country where we’re only used to certain cars.

How realistic is it to have a Tesla in Kenya, would you buy it?