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A Flaw In Google Drive Is Being Used To Sending Messages With Dodgy Links

by Vanessa Waithera
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A flaw in Google drive is being used to send messages with dodgy links.

Are you able to recognize spam emails when you get some? and are you able to tell if a fraudster has sent you the wrong email? The problem with this email that is being used is that it’s sent directly from Google so it looks legitimate but it’s really not.

It’s quite a smart scam used by proper fraudsters.

The spammers have actually designed a way where the emails and push notifications are sent from Google so it looks quite believable. The messages are then used to invite people to download and view the document attached. If you happen to click on the link you will end up on a malicious site and thereafter you may be exposed to hackers.

You may be thinking the email will end up in spam?

No, what makes this email so legitimate is that it doesn’t end up in spam but instead makes it to your actual inbox. These hackers/scammers work their way through a huge list of Gmail accounts. This has been confirmed by scores of people reporting similar versions of the attack in recent weeks.

However, where these hackers are failing is the content of their email as it contains a lot of profanity which proves that it’s not from Google. According to Google the messages sent are most likely from Russian hackers since they are the English sent is broken and there are some Russian words in there. To avoid malware please keep away from clicking links that you’re unsure about because this information is usually used by hackers to access more information about you.

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