If You Want To Read Your Messages Later On WhatsApp You Can Now Do So


If you want to read your messages later on WhatsApp you can now do so.

WhatsApp has recently been rolling out new features and they are quite impressive. All the features they have been working on are meant to improve privacy and give users a better experience even when they are online. Instead of archiving chats you will be able to read your messages later if you’re not in the mood for it now.

The greatest thing about this new feature which is called vacation mode is that it will allow users to keep chats in the archive when a new message arrives so your chats won’t be automatically unarchived anymore.

Archived chats were great but when that person would send a message their texts would appear and now you won’t even know, it’s almost as good as blocking someone. When you’re tired of vacation mode you can always disable it in the read later settings.

Wallpapers will also be updated.

Users will soon be able to set a different wallpaper for each chat. While setting the wallpapers, you will be able to edit the opacity of each. The library will have a variety of bright wallpapers and dark ones to choose from. If you choose one colour you can use emojis as part of your solid coloured background which comes to effect by using WhatsApp doodle which is also set to come in for the Desktop version tat only has solid colours as an option.