Waste-to-value startup Ecodudu raises ShEquity funding


Waste-to-value startup Ecodudu has secured an investment from ShEquity, a fund focusing on empowering African women-led businesses. Ecodudu plans to use the funds for strategic investments into scaling and growth plans.

Ecodudu was selected by ShEquity as their third investment into women-led businesses in Africa for our innovative waste-to-value solutions using the Black Soldier Fly.

In February, Ecodudu raised another investment from GreenTec to produce high-quality insect-based protein for animal feed and organic fertilizers from recycled organic matter.

According to ShEquity, Ecodudu is a good fit for it as its an innovative and tech-driven African venture.

“Our focus on leveraging circular economy principles in our business as well as our proprietary approach to data-driven larvae rearing ensure that we can continue to grow and expand our business and impact. We are honored to be supported by a fund that puts their money where their mouth is in supporting innovative African women-led businesses.

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“I am super excited about this investment into Ecodudu! There is no doubt that our future depends on how much we invest in building a sustainable living whereby we don’t harm the environment while building wealth. The challenge Ecodudu is addressing is a global challenge and it is about the future of humanity! Kudos again to the team, and at ShEquity, we look forward to working with the team to grow and scale this impactful and sustainable business.” Pauline Koelbl, ShEquity Founder & MD

“The time is long overdue for women to encourage more women to realize their goals and visions, Ecodudu offers special thanks to the ShEquity Team for choosing to walk the journey with us.” Starlin Farah, Ecodudu COO and Co-Founder

This has been an important year for our development from gaining international attention at competitions to developing partnerships with a leading producer of animal feed, to finally securing the investment from ShEquity. We plan to build on the momentum we are gaining and plan to report on other successes in the near future!