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Elements of an Interesting Trivia Board Game

Trivia games have been tremendously successful over the last decade. In the world of entertainment, your options may include video games, smartphones, X-box, etc. But, trivia board games from websites like BoomAgain proved to be the most beneficial for human interactions. 

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The main advantages of physical presence when playing trivia board games make them a distinctive way to socialize, too. It allows people to meet each other and enjoy the time while sharing knowledge through an exciting game.

However, there are many elements included in any board game, which are necessary to play it. Can you imagine a board game without the basics like tokens or dice? Well, not at all! So, here is the list of the essential components you should look for in trivia board games:

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Boards are among the essential elements of the trivia games as they are incomplete without a sturdy board. The major part of the game is played on the board, and the other important elements are placed around it. Make sure you choose a game board that meets your requirement. 

Check for the edges as it should prevent wear and tear. Makers use different paper and finishes for making the board. Hence, there are different styles of board available. Some of them are:

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  • Dual-layered player boards
  • Beautiful double-fold boards
  • Recessed player boards
  • Modular boards
  • Thematic boards

However, the size of the board should not exceed 100*70 centimeters.


The variety of boxes in trivia board games range from the classic telescope, tuck boxes, magnetic lids to deck boxes. Generally, the box is 1.5 mm thick and made of paper. They are robust and compact boxes covered with plastic film to protect films than traditional varnish. Commonly, a matt laminate is used to give it a silky appearance. 


Another important element in a trivia board game is the cards. The number of cards varies according to the game type and can be produced in many sizes and shapes. They are included to represent a strategy into a game, so people generally assume their positive role in the game. The four most card sizes used are:

  • American Standard of 56×87 millimeters.
  • Mini American of 41×63 millimeters.
  • European Standard of 59×92 millimeters.
  • Mini European of 44×68 millimeters


Tokens are plasticized cardboard pieces that can vary in thickness, size, and shape according to the need of the set. 


You can do a lot with dice, and we are not just talking about the regular six-sided black and white dice as people are not attracted to that anymore. Dice is a crucial but tiny element as your next move highly relies on what it tells you. When dice are made thematically or attractively, it can surely enhance the game. They can be made from resin, wood, or acrylic. Different colors and combinations, along with sizes, can be used to make it more attractive.

Plastic Pieces

You can find plastic pieces in different forms. This sort of piece adds a whole different level of elements to your game. Different shapes and sizes of plastic components can help you enjoy more and bring out a lot of fun from the game. Sometimes, plastic pieces make the production of trivia board games more expensive; however, they’re worth investing in it. 

Metal Coins

With satisfying weight, texture, and style, metal coins are an excellent board game element. Metal coins give a luxury or premium feel to your board games, and it is actually a great way to accomplish a perfect look.


Meeples are extremely loved by board game lovers. They’re considered a vital element in unique shapes such as people meeples, animal meeples, abstract meeples, etc. Most of the trivia games have meeples, and the cost is significantly less as compared to minis. 

Real Boards, Digital Play

For people who love to play and solve complex questions, trivia board games combined with digital technologies bring the best of both worlds to your table. It reflects the broader development of board games in the digital world. Now, people can easily play board games online and interact with each other. These digital elements add more value to the game and offer new ways to interact socially. 

Final Thoughts

Some of the trivia board game elements are extremely popular among people. The elements mentioned above offer people a real gaming experience to enjoy and have fun on Friday nights. 

If you’re looking to buy trivia board games, you must consider the vital elements for a better gaming experience. 

Which is your favorite board game element?

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