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Customizing Your Jeep to Meet Your Needs

Jeep owners love to customize their ride, and the aftermarket offers countless options designed to help the owners achieve this goal. Some items work to alter the Jeep’s appearance while others function to make the ride smoother or enhance it. Owners must determine which alterations they want to make, and the following are a few modifications every owner should consider. However, don’t assume these are the only options available to you. Shop around to see what else is available that might be of benefit in your ride.

Tires and Rims

The easiest way to transform the Jeep’s look involves changing the rims and tires. Consider where the vehicle will go when purchasing rims to ensure you obtain the right items. In addition, consider the cost of the tires when choosing bigger rims along with potential increased running costs. Manufacturers sell vehicles with tires designed to offer the maximum fuel efficiency and changing to a different tire could affect this efficiency. Furthermore, changing the tires and rims could affect the wear and tear on the vehicle. Learn if this will be the case before making a purchase. These are only a few of many factors to consider when looking for jeep parts for your ride.

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Lift Kits

Another way many Jeep owners upgrade their vehicle is to add a lift kit. Take care when doing so, as you don’t want to void the manufacturer’s warranty. If you select a leveling kit, it will add a few inches to the height of the Jeep. Adding height to the vehicle can be of help when choosing new rims and tires, as the added height eliminates the tire rubbing issues some owners experience. Men and women who opt for a body or suspension kit will find the cost goes up significantly. The installation costs need to be factored into the decision-making process. Visit the dealer to have this work carried out, as this typically helps to ensure the vehicle warranty remains intact.

Side Rails

If you lift the Jeep, you likely need to install side rails. Although many Jeeps come with factory running boards, they won’t hold up with time and often minimize ground clearance. Upgrade to side rails or nerf bars. These aluminum or steel tubular bars run from wheel to wheel and offer protection from rocks. Many Jeep owners opt for side rails known as rock sliders to get the highest level of protection, so check them out. However, the side rails offer additional benefits other than protecting the vehicle when on rough terrain. They become of great help when it is time to climb into the Jeep and allow the vehicle to stand out from those with factory running boards.

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LED Headlights

Some Jeeps today come with LED or HID lamps. For those that don’t come equipped with these lights, upgrading isn’t difficult. However, never assume you can purchase cheap LED bulbs and get the desired effect. When purchasing aftermarket LED bulbs with projector or reflector housings, owners often find they don’t get the lumen output of old halogen bulbs. As a result, they are disappointed and may give up on LED headlights completely. They appear whiter and brighter when they are first installed, but drivers find the light output quality while out on the road is disappointing. In addition, the glare for oncoming drivers is a concern when the purchased bulbs come with a temperature rating over 5,000K. Spend the money to get true LED headlights for the vehicle, as doing so ensures you get more light without blinding others on the road.

Front Grille

The first thing many people see on a vehicle would be the front end. Allow your ride to make a statement regardless of where it goes by installing or upgrading the front grille. Fortunately, Jeep owners find they have many options with this accessory. This accessory is one that many owners find they can install on their own without taking the vehicle to a dealership or body shop. In fact, many OEM grilles bolt on with ease. Look at the different options available today, including mesh or billet grilles. Some options even come with light supports, so consider this option.

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Light Bars

Light bars transform night into day with the flick of a switch. Choose a high-quality light bar, one that comes with a lifetime warranty. The added money pays for itself over the life of the vehicle. Jeep owners find they can install the bars behind the grille, on the back bumper, or over the cab. It’s a matter of where the owner feels they provide the most benefit. Have the lights professionally installed to minimize the risk of electrical issues or fire. In addition, using a qualified technician for installation won’t void the manufacturer’s warranty and provides the owner with confidence, knowing the lights won’t fail when they need them most.

Eliminate the Chrome

In the past, many Jeep owners added the maximum amount of chrome to their vehicles. However, owners today want to black out the chrome to dress up their Jeep. Painting this chrome is a mistake. Use Plasti Dip, available in aerosol cans, to carry out this task. This durable rubber coating can be peeled away later, if the owner desires, and yet holds up in all weather. It remains in place until the owner decides to remove it. Use it on vehicle badging, the wheels, around the lettering, and more. When possible, wait until this item goes on sale to get a good deal. Otherwise, you may end up spending more than you planned to black out the chrome.

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