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DottedSign- Sign Documents Online Easily

With every passing day, modern businesses around the world are going paperless, and authorizing & signing business documents online is an important aspect of this approach. Ditching paper and pen to sign business documents not only helps you save the business money but also increases productivity and streamline various business processes like document management. The concept of E-Sign is likely to transform the face of both online and offline business transactions, deals, and agreements. Whether you need to sign an invoice, a vendor agreement, or anything important in between, E-signature solution DottedSign can offer a variety of advantages to your organization. 

Introduction to DottedSign

DottedSign is a cloud-based E-signature solution for both individuals and organizations to sign, authorize, and manage documents online. Apart from the size or nature of your business, this digital signature solution offers an easier, powerful, and secure way to sign documents anywhere anytime. It is the most convenient and effective way to sign and authorize business documents online to prevent unnecessary delays in terms of sending documents manually to other parties for signing purposes.

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Sign Documents Online with Simple Steps

DottedSign is compatible on any device and platform, including smartphones, tablets, desktops, iOS app, Android app, and web. It provides simple and intuitive user experience and interface for everyone that helps sign documents easily.

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All you need to do is:

• Import documents with the camera of your device, photo gallery, Google Drive, or any other cloud solutions

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• Put signatures in the dedicated field

• Or assign a field for signers to sign the document

• Send it to the recipient(s) 

• And get notified via email when signed

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Benefits of Using DottedSign for your Organization

In this era of mobile technology and high-speed internet, authorizing and signing business documents via an E-signature solution can help you save a lot of time and business resources as well. 

Saves Time

Skyrocketed document turnaround time is the first and foremost benefit of using electronic signatures. There is no need to print documents, scan, send them to the recipient, and wait for the signatures. Instead, you need to upload a document in DottedSign, assign the signer, and send the document for signing via email or any other digital channel. In this way, you can get documents signed within seconds even without facing barriers of time and location. 

Increase Productivity

The time you save by using an e-signature solution allows you and your workers to do more productive things and help you close more deals and focus on core activities to increase overall operational efficiency. DottedSign also allows you to put document signing flow on autopilot to reduce repetitive tasks. You can also save time by using the pre-filling feature to autofill personal details and information in documents that you need to create and sign on a regular basis. 

Reduce Costs

Electronic signatures are cost-effective than traditional signing methods. You can save a lot of business resources like paper, ink, printing devices, and shipping, etc. Moreover, you can also save so many bucks if you need to deliver confidential documents to your clients personally. 

Strengthen Customer Relations 

As modern customers are used to doing business online, they are more likely to engage with brands and companies that provide online services. Integration of online signatures into your business operations can help you grab the attention of more customers who prefer authorizing and signing documents online instead of printing documents and then signing in-person. DottedSign provides you a quick, safe, and secure way to sign and authorize business documents online to win customer trust and build credibility. It also offers you a competitive edge to stand out among competitors and win more customers. As a result, you are better able to boost your bottom line.

If are interested in knowing more about DottedSign, please check the website and start a free trial!

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