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President Kenyatta Discloses The Reason He Deactivated His Twitter Account

by Vanessa Waithera
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President Uhuru Kenyatta deactivated his Twitter account last year and now he has disclosed the reason why.

I am not really a Twitter fan not that I have anything against it I just don’t appreciate the layout. I like things that are visually appealing and organized, this is why I love Instagram and Pinterest and not tiktok. But Twitter has been said to be where keyboard warriors hide, this is apparently where they like to air their opinions under anonymous accounts.

So why did the president leave Twitter?

In March 2019 the President decided to leave Twitter and why would he do that? keeping in mind he had well over 3 million followers and was the most followed African leader on Twitter. All his social media accounts were suspended under hacking claims however, the President has come clean and has revealed the real reason why.

Toxicity and daily insults added no value to his life.

At a BBI event, the President stated that Twitter had nothing positive to offer him and he left due to the constant and daily insults from KOT

President Uhuru Kenyatta said:

Mimi nilitoka Twitter kwa sababu huko ni matusi tu…afadhali nipige story na mama, nilale, niamke nifanye kazi

He added:

“Unakaa hapo unasoma, hulali. Unapiga simu unauliza vile umetukanwa,”

Is social media in general that horrible?

Trump has been able to deal with all the negativity online and yet he still continues to engage with users. However, Kenyans on Twitter are a rough bunch of people and are said to be horrible online, the number of cyber bullies that exist are probably more than the friendly users.

On the other hand social media is really dependent on you and who you follow and the posts you interact with. By using social media in the right way you can get jobs, inspiration, news and ideas for whatever you like. it’s up to you to also carefully think before you post anything that would be ridiculed and if you turn into a meme learn to humor yourself as much as possible.

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