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Tik Tok Reveals Plans To Roll Out A New Feature That Will Help Epileptic Users

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Tik Tok has revealed plans to roll out a new feature that will help epileptic users.

It’s always nice when social media companies find a way to make everyone feel included while at the same time creating a safe place for all users. TikTok has made a great step towards this by rolling out a new feature that will help users who have epilepsy avoid photosensitive content. If you have ever watched anything on Netflix they always give out a warning when content is either too graphic or the uploads would potentially trigger photosensitive epilepsy.

Epileptic users will now be able to change their settings to suit their needs by switching the feature on or off.

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What exactly is photosensitive content?

Basically any content that either involves flashing lights or colours can easily trigger seizures so to avoid this it would be easier to have the feature which will filter out any of this kind of content. On a platform like TikTok content is often sent out to users through algorithm so you really don’t know what you’re going to land on. TikTok is the first company to consider epileptic people and it’s great because they won’t have to avoid social media altogether but will no longer be marginalized.

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Attempts to make TikTok a safer place.

TikTok has taken positive steps towards making their platform a safer place. Just recently they banned all ads that promoted body shaming, something that Instagram should borrow a few ideas from. They have also been working with various epilepsy organisations across the world who in turn, have been providing feedback on how to make the app safer for all.

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Since TikTok is a platform that hosts a lot of children TikTok also banned content that promotes weight loss to anyone below the age of 18.

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