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Cybersecurity Attacks Increase As Kenyans Ignore The New Data Protection Act


Cybersecurity attacks have increased as Kenyans ignore the new data protection act.

It’s been a year since the data protection act was passed and yet a majority of Kenyans still don’t understand how it works or even know it actually exists. While more Kenyans are working from home there have been a lot more cyber crimes and little been done about it. In 2019, 29 million cybersecurity crimes were reported yet in 2020 50 million crimes in this sector were reported.

The problem is, how many Kenyans actually know what cybersecurity is?

New data that has been reported from Serianu noted that 90% of Kenyans actually have no understanding of the new data protection laws.

Mr Joseph Mathenge, Serianu Chief Operating Officer said:

“Subsequently, they are neither considering its impact”

More than 95% of Kenyans are actually aware of the law and the rest simply ignore it. So who are the biggest beneficiaries? Frauds are having the time of their lives because they are able to steal online identities easily and use people’s data to steal from people.

How businesses handle their clients data is becoming very crucial because everyone’s information is now online exposing people to cyber attacks. According to the report medical records are vulnerable and should be protected because it’s very sensitive information.

Take the time to understand the data protection laws and be a part of the team that is aware of how to protect data.