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This Is How WhatsApp Is Making It Easier To Delete Stored Media Faster

This is how WhatsApp is making it easier to delete stored media faster.

There are times I want to clear all my WhatsApp data to clear storage but I end up thinking about the many videos and photos I have of my son that I simply don’t want to let go of. On my WhatsApp storage there are a number of memes and useless data that I honestly don’t need. Before I wrote this I checked to see if this new feature works and it works perfectly.

How do you clear stored media faster?

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Prior to this, WhatsApp already had basic functionality for clearing stored media, but now you get full-fledged data management. This is done by simply heading to WhatsApp > Settings > Storage and Data > Manage Storage.

The best thing is that you can preview the media files before deleting anything so all you have to do is tick the boxes to see which one you would like to delete. It also shows you how much storage you have left and the names below are arranged based on who sends the most media by the file size.

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The new feature also divides media into two major categories: files larger than 5MB, and files that have been “forwarded many times.” Furthermore, WhatsApp will also now display a warning when your phone is running low on storage, prompting you to delete some media files.

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