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6 SEO Tips for Your Online Store

Am sure you have heard about Jeff Bezos, the richest man alive? Have you ever wondered how he made his money? Jeff Bezos is the founder of Amazon, an E-Commerce store that uses SEO to generate traffic. It has helped Amazon to convert potential customers to actual and recurring customers. Here are the six tips that you can also use to have a successful virtual store.

Find Keywords Tailored to Your Target Audience for Your Online Store

Keywords are very crucial in SEO. They form the word that will help your E-commerce to be visible during searches. Most sales made by online stores are those that appear on the first page of search results. To make sure that your Virtual Store is visible on the first page, always use keywords to make your product or service stand out. For example, suppose you are selling baskets. In that case, one of the keywords will be “baskets” to differentiate this from other baskets; you should include unique features of the basket, for example, “handwoven Baskets.” It will make your product to be visible when a customer searches for handwoven baskets.

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Create a Simple Easy to Understand and Navigate Online Store

A website that easy navigates will help a customer to get the product or service they need. A

simple website should be able to generate suggestions for the customer according to his or her searches. It should have professionally designed and photographed pictures to show the customer what he or she is buying. The website should include E-commerce profile information, the location, contact information, and operational hours. It should also be very secure. It should consist of HTTPS instead of HTTP. It will give the customer confidence that their personal information is secure. You should compress large files or pictures to increase the speed of the website. Amazon is a secure online store, and that is why it is trendy,

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Use Eye-Catching Titles

Any attention-grabbing title should always include the keywords. It should be simple and contain most information that the customer is searching for. It should seek to create a solution to a problem or need that made the customer search for it. For example, when selling baskets, the title should include SEO keywords “Affordable and woven baskets.” It will help the customer know that the baskets sold on that online Store are handwoven and affordable. The keyword will be baskets, but to make it search optimized, adding Affordable handwoven baskets will make it easy for the customer to click on the search results. It will also make it easy for the customer to save time.

Create Better Content for Your Product Description

Your virtual Store should have very engaging content. This content should be presented in easy to understand description of words, pictures, or videos. It also should be of high quality and offer additional benefits to the customer. For example, for handwoven baskets, the description should include, it is made from organically grown sisal that makes these baskets very long-lasting. Your product should also highlight extra features. The baskets can be converted into a backpack that would appeal to students or business people who are always on the move. Or the basket is big enough to carry a laptop. These are the little things that seem unnecessary until someone is purchasing a particular product or service.

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Use discounts and gifts in your ads

It’s no secret that everybody loves the idea of saving a coin or two. When creating an SEO advertisement, always include offers when you have them, like discounts or gifts. Like woven baskets every last Friday of the month, you could offer a free handwoven wallet for every basket bought or a discount for every two baskets bought. These would entice the customers since everybody loves a good deal. It would boost your sales because people opt to buy two handwoven baskets to get a discount if the wallet’s baskets gift is not appealing.

Make sure you have fantastic customer care service

When running any business, how you treat your customers determines whether they will purchase something, return for more purchases and even recommend your business to their friends. It also determines what they will write on your Online Store’s comment section and your product or service reviews. The product review section is essential as it will decide whether the search engines will either rank you on their first page. It is common knowledge that most businesses have been ruined by just one customer leaving bad reviews or complaining about their customer service. To avoid this, always ensure that your customer service is top-notch and appealing to your customers.

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