HELB to Provide 60,000 Laptops to Students Taking Online Classes


Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) has announced that they will provide at least 60,000 laptops to new-government-sponsored students taking online classes.

HELB has submitted this proposal to The National Treasury with hopes that they will be given KSh 2.5 billion to fund it. A lot of students have been forced to transition into online learning during the pandemic however many students have failed to attend classes because they cannot afford laptops.

The need to facilitate online learning.

HELB CEO Charles Ringera is encouraging this new project in hopes that by facilitating online learning it will reduce the need to go back to in-person learning where it’s more likely for COVID to spread. So far this new way of learning seems to be working for many especially when it comes to curbing the disease.

Universities have currently increased their fees from KSh 16,000 to KSh 48,000. The increased fees will mean that there will be more students in need of loans which will mean that the board will need KSh 14 billion to allow students to borrow for the increased fees.