Sunday, May 19, 2024
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Borrowers Will Suffer As Kenyan Digital Lenders Face New Taxation

A new planned tax in Kenya is expected to hit digital lenders hard. A 20 percent excise tax on fees collected is proposed in the Finance Bill presently before parliament. If parliament accepts this, however, borrowers would most certainly

5 Things To Consider Before Taking A Loan From Apps Like Okash

Unfortunately, a lot of Kenyan mobile loan apps are unregulated which means you end up risking your privacy and some even harass you

HELB to Provide 60,000 Laptops to Students Taking Online Classes

HELB also known as the Higher Education Loans Board submitted their new project to the treasury with hopes that they will be given KSh 2.5 billion to fund it. A lot of students have been forced to transition into online

Is The CRB Listing Freeze A Blessing Or A Curse To Kenyans?

One of the measures that was put in place was to money lenders, they could no longer list people on CRB for some time. But was this a good or bad thing?

Wazalendo Money Lending App Facing Heat Over Vulgar Responses To Negative Reviews

Money lending apps in Kenya are probably one of the most unprofessional apps in Kenya. When you borrow from them be ready to be harassed even days before your loan is due

d.light settles US$ 1 million of monthly loans for Covid-hit customers

Solar company d.light has settled close to US$ 1 million to settle loans taken by their customers...

More Than 300 Unregulated Loan Apps Barred From Forwarding The Name Of Loan Defaulters

Digital mobile lenders have been in enough trouble with Kenyan netizens and with good reason. If you have taken a loan from the common loan apps you would know that you're meant to give your personal information including your contact list

Seedstars Dakar’s winner, MaTontine & CGAP Launch their Digital ROSCA Pilot in Senegal

Seedstars Dakar's winner, MaTontine has announced the official launch of its nationwide pilot with CGAP (the Consultative...