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BOC 3 Filing Process in the Transportation Industry

BOC is the abbreviation for blanket coverage. It is connected with the term, “blanket agent.” Thus, BOC 3 means to secure coverage and all the companies in the transportation industry, require the BOC 3 filing to operate. It is mandatory. It is a US Federal filing procedure which is compulsory for all transportation companies to function legally. If you are new to this industry, then the process and documentation of fmcsa boc 3 filing might seem a bit confusing to you. However, it is not and if you reach out to the proper agent, the process is handled smoothly.

When is the BOC 3 filing required?

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Any transportation company that wants to operate, needs a BOC 3 filing done prior to carrying out operations. Thus, before conducting any business operation, the filing must be done.

If you work for a motor carrier or maybe you own one, then your BOC 3 filing is always carried out by a process agent. No one else can do the documentation for you. Also, all your procedures are done online. On the other hand, if you are a broker or a freight forwarder, owning no commercial vehicles, then the process agent doesn’t have to be involved in the filing method. You can easily get a paper copy and fill it in and file for BOC 3, on your own. It is better known as the FMCSA broker authority procedure.

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We recommend that you take the paper form from the FMCSA’s official website and provide them with all the data that they require. Your full name and the address of your carrier or freight forwarder is mandatory. Furthermore, you are required to give the SOP’s agents’ names as well and make sure that you specify the name of the person who is authorized to sign your form. It is best that they should have an official title to go beside their name.

How much does a BOC 3 Process Agent Cost?

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The prices for process agents vary largely. They can be as cheap as $20 and can go up to $100 too. This usually depends on the scope of service that you intend to choose. The best and professional agents usually offer you additional services too apart from just your BOC 3 filing procedure. Make sure that you pick the right agent.

Likewise, the fee structures also vary. Some agents will charge additional fees for every tiny task that they carry out for you. On the other hand, some might take the complete amount once and for all and don’t demand for additional money for the little whereabouts.

How much time does the filing take?

Once you have taken the form and submitted it electronically to the FMCSA, they will email you the authorization document. The document is not emailed right away. Expect at least 3-4 business days for this process. If 10 days have passed and your authority document is not mailed to you, you must contact the FMCSA. You can also visit the licensing website to see whether your operating authority has been issued or not.

There are rare cases when the document is required to be refiled. However, once the documentation is filed, it will hardly take 10 days to get your BOC 3 filing authority document.

How to get the best process agent?

It is important to look for a professional process agent. If you can find someone who has expertise in the transportation industry, then it is the best catch for you. Furthermore, you need to be sure that the agent you are choosing can handle and secure your official documents properly. While choosing an agent, you can question them about the tools they use for the process and what services they will offer you. A face to face interaction or an online communication session will give you an idea of the agent. Thus, don’t forget to communicate and question your worries before hiring someone.

Lastly, have a look at their fee structure and if they have any policies, make sure that you read through them properly. They might have additional charges involved. Therefore, make a wise pick carefully. 

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