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How to Simplify Estimating Large Orders

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If you’re a high volume eCommerce retailer, how you handle large orders can make or break you. On the one hand, it’s always welcome to receive a major order, since it means that you’re going to make a good deal of money off of the transaction. On the other hand, large orders can be difficult to fulfill, specifically if there are multiple orders being made during an already busy time for your company, such as the holiday season.

Of course, technology provides plenty of options for entrepreneurs looking to make the way that they handle large orders a bit more streamlined. There are dozens of tools to consider as you work to figure out how to simplify this process, and some of the best tools at your disposal has to do with estimating large orders in the first place, as well as calculating how to fulfill them. Learn more below about just a few of the digital tools and solutions at your disposal to streamline this process.

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Find a CPQ solution for handling complicated price quotes.

Nowadays, offering more personalized ways of fulfilling orders is a great way to boost your business. Just like consumers have become used to purchasing their own custom-tailored latte or cappucino at a coffee shop like Starbucks, customers are also interested in custom building other high-end products. For example, you may sell bicycles that allow customized frames and features like hand brakes or mountain biking tires. Or you might offer technology like laptops or desktop computer towers that have a variety of configurations. A CPQ solution lets you show your customers how their choices during the sales process affect the configuration and price quote of the product they’re buying. Your customers can get an accurate quote throughout the sales process, no matter how involved their order is.

CPQ stands for configure, price, and quote. CPQ software allows you to accurately price out different options, even for incredibly complex products. Obviously, the more options for customization you offer, the more valuable a CPQ solution will be. Many CPQ software solutions even integrate with your existing CRM database so that you can track sales data related to different orders in Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, or whatever other platforms you use. This makes the sales process much smoother, and as you sell larger orders, having a complex configurator can help you ensure that your customers get the right products in the right configuration at the right price quote. It also makes things easier for your salespeople, who will be sure to provide the accurate quote for the specific customer needs before them.

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Leverage machinery that can scale with the size of your orders.

While a CPQ platform can assist you when it comes to sales, the other vital component of handling large orders is having the right equipment to get the job done. The right machinery will help scale your production up with an increase in sales, ultimately making it easy for you to maintain your output without putting too much extra stress on your business. Of course, it’s important to do your research ahead of time and anticipate the type of volume you may get at the height of your sales cycle in order to ensure that your equipment will be able to help you keep your bottom line when demand starts to increase in real time.

Just one example of this has to do with the machinery that fills vape cartridges. One vape filling machine might be much better equipped to handle high viscosity oils and different types of cartridges than another. If you need a lightweight option that offers extreme accuracy throughout the order process, the A10 HotShot 1500 vape cartridge filler machine developed by CoolJarz is an excellent option. It can fill up to 12,000 cartridges over the course of a single 8-hour workday, making it an efficient option for handling two different batches thanks to its two separate oil tanks. Knowing the maximum number of cartridges capable of being handled each day can help you figure out how many machines you need to have on hand to handle each type of cartridge you manufacture. Just like with CPQ platforms, estimation is vital so that you don’t wind up with too few or too many machines.

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