Best Laptops with Backlit Keyboard in 2021


A backlit keyboard adds a lot of value to a laptop, especially if you are planning to buy one for working on late night tasks and assignments. Finding the best laptop with backlit keyboard is not that big of a challenge if you understand how these laptops work and what kind of care they need. This article explains some of the reasons why backlit keyboard laptops are popular and how you can find the best one. 

The keyboard is hands-down the most important part of your laptop. It is the primary way in which you communicate with the computer. People use their keyboards more frequently than they use a touchscreen, mouse or touchpad to work on their laptop. In fact, a backlit keyboard has become very common nowadays and most people do not consider it as something purely aesthetic. There are many practical uses of a backlit keyboard as it can improve your productivity, whether you are a writer, pro gamer or simply someone who likes to work at night.

Design features

A backlit keyboard comes with some essential features that make it different from other standard laptops. The design is somewhat slimmer and features soft-touch finish to improve the user experience. You also need to look at other things like the distance between the keys and also the vertical distance you need to press down a key to register it. Shorter distances obviously save a lot of time but can also increase errors as you may accidentally press the wrong key.

Power features

It obviously goes without saying that a backlit keyboard laptop has to perform well in practical terms. That means the processor should be at least a 10-Gen Intel processor to ensure that your work is completed in less time, especially as you might be working long night hours. Moreover, the storage space has to be at least 8GB in terms of RAM which possible upgrading to 32GB if needed. 

Keypad configuration 

Generally, you should prefer a backlit keyboard laptop if the keys are of good and soft material. Keep your preference in mind as some users prefer light touch responsiveness while other tend to apply more pressure. Just make sure that the design meets your typing preferences.

The standard QWERTY configuration is followed in the design of almost all backlit keyboard laptops. However, you will have to make sure if you have the numeric keypad, or numpad as it is more generally known, on the right. In some laptops, the layout of the keyboard does not include the numpad and the user has to face some inconvenience in typing numbers from the number key row above the alphabet keys. However, if this is not a big issue for you, this difference might not impact your productivity in any material way, unless of course you are an Excel user and need to type in a lot of numbers. 


The lighting is a major issue in the best backlit keyboard laptop that you ultimately purchase. Different models allow you to adjust the color and brightness of the lighting, but other do not. They come with a standard color and brightness setting that you cannot change. Ask the retailer about this before you click on the order button. You may feel that you need to brighten up or lower the lighting depending on the lighting of your workspace. Some colors feel naturally harsh to some people and it makes sense to want to switch to a different color lighting. 

Also keep in mind the bleeding of the lighting. In some models, the light mainly comes out through the top of the keys, illuminating the character that is printed on them. In some models, however, the light bleeds out from the sides of the keys. Now this might appeal to some users, but others might find this kind of bleeding too intense and a distraction to their mind. So make sure that you choose the model that offers a bleeding level that is comfortable for your eyes. 


In conclusion, a backlit keyboard can be a very useful feature in a laptop, for practical as well as aesthetic reasons. Furthermore, it is important to see if the color, brightness and bleeding of the light suits your needs.