Kindle vs iPad: Which One is Best Tablet for Readers While Travelling?


Travelling is fun but when the duration of your flight is long then you need to think about the possible ways to enjoy a quality time.

Different planes are packed with different entertainment items but if you are a reader then you would definitely miss your books in an aeroplane. But now you can enjoy a never ending library of books and magazines online with the ease of your fingertip from devices like iPad and Kindle.

While discussing portable devices for reading during travel, the most famous tablet models that everyone recommends are the iPad and Kindle. 

Let me clear the difference between these two, the kindle is widely used by consumers for e-reading. While the iPad is a tablet that can be used for different purposes.

Our today’s topic is related to the comparison of both iPad and Kindle in order to help you understand which one is best cheap tablet under $100 for reading during travel.

People who are in search of a good device just for reading purposes usually don’t compare that much between an iPad and e-reader. However, their comparisons are based on specific things such as brands, models, etc. 

And the most well known brands or models are Apple iPad, and Amazon Kindle. That is where most users get stuck and question about what they should choose? A tablet or an e-reader?

To help you with this we have compiled some insights between iPad and Kindle so you can understand in a good way about which device is best for you.

iPad vs Kindle: Which One is Best Tablet for Readers While Travelling?

If you read for a long time durations than Kindle is bestIf you love to read books with images or comic books then an iPad is recommended.
If you have any eye problems then go for Kindle.If you are looking for a device so that your child can read some books then an iPad is recommended.
For reading novels, Kindle is recommended.If you want to study and make notes while travelling then an iPad is best.
If you are a user of Kindle stores then go for Kindle to find a variety of Books.If you want to get access to different e-bookstores then iPad is good for you

Best Tablets for Travelling

Amazon Fire HD 8 (2020)

This tablet by amazon is one of the low cost tablets that is best for reading during travel

Recently this model was upgraded with some trendy systems in 2020 so it can deliver a better performance. 

If you are on a tight budget then it is good for you. It has an 8 inches display screen with a screen resolution of 1280 x 800 that may seem quite low but it is good.

It has a built in storage space of 32 GB that can be upgraded to 64 GB. Also you can add a MicroSD card. It has a battery life of 12 hours.

New Apple iPad (10.2-inch, Wi-Fi, 32GB)

The new 10.2 inches Apple iPad is a fast and reliable option that delivers bright colours and good display for the best possible reading experience.

It has a battery life of ten hours that is more than good. If you want to use this device for reading then it is highly recommended otherwise the camera result is not that much satisfying. 

You can also use it to perform your work related tasks. It offers a display screen of 10.2 inches with a screen resolution of 2160 x 1620. The storage space of this iPad is 32 GB, another variant is 128 GB.

It also provides you keyboard support.

Amazon Kindle

The Kindle is best for reading during travel. It is an e-reader and it is highly recommended for you if you love to read a lot.

However, if you are looking for other entertainment activities other than reading then Kindle is a limited edition.

The average price of this device starts from $79 that is quite affordable. It is highly portable and lightweight. It is good for your eyes if you have any optical problem, as there is no screen glare so that it will make reading easy for you.

It has a good battery life, that can last up to two weeks so I think that you don’t need to charge it again while you are on a trip.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Lite

Another best value tablet for reading on our list is Samsung Galaxy S6 Lite.

This tablet comes in a small range of colours with different storage variants, such as 64 GB and 128 GB storage as well as a micro SD card that can handle anything up to 1TB. Sounds good?

It has a display screen of 10.4 inches with a screen resolution of 2000 x1200 full HD. It has an average Exynos processor and a 4GB RAM.

This tablet is good for reading and other purposes as well such as gaming, watching movies, etc.

Apple iPad Pro 9.7 inches

Another good reading option that we have is from Apple. The iPad Pro has a unique and ultra thin design with a sharp edge to edge display.

It has a storage capacity of 1TB. It has a display screen of 9.7 inches with a screen resolution of 2048 x 1536. This is what makes it a good fit for reading. The storage space is 32GB. 

All of these specifications with a battery life of 10 hours are enough to help you enjoy your trip. 


I hope that by now you will understand what device is good for you, whether it is an iPad, or Kindle, you need to be careful while choosing. 

We have added a list of other good devices as well you can also give them a try. 

If you have any other questions then ask them in the comments section.