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Cat Breed Guide – Best Breeds for Apartments

If you are trying to find a new pet to add to your household, consider researching breeds adapted to apartment living. The majority of apartment dwellers are probably looking for a calm, friendly animal for long hours of happiness. If you’re thinking of having a cat, you may have found the purrrfect roommate.

Cuddly, loving pets that love their humans, rather than the other way around, are the perfect candidate for apartment living. Some breeds (click here for more information) have some unique attributes that make them ideal candidates for this type of life. 

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The most important thing to remember when choosing breeds to adopt is that whatever breed you choose should fit your lifestyle and personality. Your pet should be amicable to kids, friendly towards other people, and easy to train. In short, you want your kitten to be a joy to live with!  You can also check out Dogblog.com if you’re considering on adopting a dog.

Gentle Giants

Ragdoll cats are perfect candidates for apartments, although their character might resemble a dog. These pets can even be trained to bring things because they respond extremely well to rewards in the form of treats. 

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These animals are easy-going and adaptable to coexistence with people. But you must be persistent and authoritative. Even the most determined Ragdoll who is not accustomed to living in a flat will quickly learn to respect the limits set by the owner. These cats tend to be very affectionate and cheerful. They can make wonderful pets and great companions, but they’re not attention seekers.

American Shorthair

Also known as Tabby, this breed is the most common feline companion found in the United States. These cats are loyal, calm, and good-natured. American shorthair won’t bother you with playing, meowing, and other typical cat stuff. These lazy furballs enjoy their nap time, so you can leave them alone for a while. They won’t mind it.

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The American Shorthair tends to be trusting and easy to live with. The Tabby is a very calm, gentle kitten, and an excellent choice for those who don’t want to live with a screaming, overly active creature. Also, keep an eye on their nails and fur. They often scratch furniture and leave unwanted hair behind. 

Tips on removing hair from furniture check below:


Siamese Attention Seekers

Another type of cat breeds that are often seen as ideal for apartments is Siamese. But you should have these felines only if you can give them a lot of attention. Due to a high level of activity and social behavior, these cats hate being lonely. Besides your attention, they’ll need a lot of toys. Many call them ‘dogs’ among cats.

Siamese cats have an unusual physical appearance and distinctive markings that distinguish them from other breeds. A white, silky coat is most common, and these kittens tend to have wrinkled, double hair. That requires less grooming, making Siamese more suited to an apartment lifestyle.

Long-Haired Breeds

Other breeds that make good candidates for apartment life are long-haired kittens like Persians and Birmans. These cats do well with an indoor lifestyle, although some might find Birmans’ over-activity irritating. Long-haired breeds also need a significant amount of space, especially if you got a playful kitten.

Persians, in particular, can really make life a whole lot easier for the feline-owner who has no time for a traditional house cat. Although these kittens are very tidy, they need the owners’ help to maintain fur. In order for hair not to get tangled, these felines need regular brushing. 

British Shorthair

The British Shorthair is probably the best choice if you are looking for a sturdy and independent pet while being easy to groom and maintain. These charming chubbies tend to be a little snappish and untrusting, but only until they get to know you. They love being along with their favorite humans. 

Life circumstances are not too important to them. Still, they like attention and play that drives them both physically and mentally. Even if you don’t have time to join them in the game, these kittens will manage on their own already. Despite its size, British Shorthair is quite agile and an excellent hunter.

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