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What to do to check whether the signal is down

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Signal down, huh? At the beginning of 2021, the encrypted chat app saw a fresh wave user who do want to preserve their chats confidential. Here’s how to check that Signal is down for everyone else

  • Check the Status of Signal Website for Official Updates

Go to the website of the project Signal Status ( to see the latest details of any outages.

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  • Inspect Signal Status Site for Authorities Updates

Go to the main signal status site of the task ( to see the latest information on any interruption.

  • Head to Down detector for User Reports

If Signal’s status webpage does not really tell there’s a problem—or doesn’t load—you should look at the Down detector Signal page.

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This webpage is based on information from current users. When other people have problems, you’ll see how many users are reporting problems. Users will see a timeline of problem reports during the last 24 hours to get an idea of when the problem started.

  • Look at the Social Network Accounts of Signal

Signal shares details about its Twitter status. Signal Twitter is a great place to get updates on what’s going on. You can check out the latest updates to Signal on Twitter even if you don’t have a Twitter account.

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