Moving in 2021? Here is how to negotiate with movers


A DIY move is very difficult and hiring a moving company is an expensive thing. In modern times, it is advisable to hire professionals as working people do not have time to do all the packing. The moving cost of a particular household depends on many factors including moving distance, the weight of your belongings, size of shipment, time of the move, and type of moving company.

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Getting a good deal and saving money on your moving cost is a big accomplishment. To get the best deal, you only have to brush up your negotiating skills as the rates offered by moving companies are not firmly established. It is not impossible or difficult to change their offering prices. It is always a good idea to negotiate as you have nothing to lose in it. As per the experts at, negotiating becomes all the more important if you are moving in 2021 after all the mess that the world has gone through.

The first step that you need to take to get the best moving deal is to consult more than one company. Get in touch with at least 3-4 reputable moving companies, you can find them online or can ask your friends and family for references. Get an estimate from each of these companies. Make the same list of goods and extra services that you need for all the selected companies and ask for a quote. It is best if they personally visit your place before quoting a price. Select the best price with maximum services offered.

All That You Need to Know Before Hiring a Mover

Your Moving Details

The first thing that you should be aware of is the details of your move that may include the moving time, moving distance, size and number of heavy goods and other material to be transported, and if you need any special care or service. It is easier to negotiate with the moving company if you know the required details of your move. You should use a moving guide to get a handle on your move and organize everything. This will make it easier for you and the movers.

Services Offered by the Moving Company

If you get an online estimate, you will realize that the moving cost of each company is different. It is so as some companies include all the additional services in their move while others don’t. Make sure you know all the services offered by your selected company in detail and there are no hidden charges. For that, you should ask for all the services that you need beforehand.

Know Your Mover

It is a very important point. Make sure you know your mover well before hiring them. Many-a-times, brokers act as movers online and they outsource the move which is not safe at all so to avoid any moving fraud or scam (as they are very common nowadays), make sure your mover is from within the industry. Make sure they are licensed and trustworthy. You can check their identity by knowing their entry with Better Business Bureau, by checking their website, their USDOT number, and the most important is to read the review s of their recent customers. Know their ratings and confirm their physical location and its authenticity.

Now is the Time to Negotiate

Be Time Flexible: While selecting a company to hire for your move, be flexible with the dates. This 

way of getting the best deal is the most underrated way of negotiating but avoiding peak seasons is the best way to crack the right deal. Summers, weekends and month-ends are often the busiest moving days so avoid moving in these times as direct negotiation with the company will not be possible.

Mention the Competition Due to Pandemic: It may sound a little weird but try to negotiate with your mover by mentioning the competition in the moving market due to the recent pandemic situations. Mention that you are aware of the market and people are not moving much. Once you are done with all your research work and have got all the quotations from different companies, mention the lowest fare offered to you to the best service provider and get the discount. All you have to do is to negotiate smartly.

Special Offers: Ask for special offers as many companies offer discounts during the offseason. Not many people are moving due to the current pandemic situation so you can ask for an offer for that too.

Rethink Over Your Necessary Moving Services: If you feel that the original estimate is much higher than your moving budget then it is time to think over your moving services once again. Examine, what are the extra services that you asked for but you can do without. For example, you can ask for fewer labor people by assigning some work to your friends and family. Don’t hesitate and ask for help as it will be better than going out of funds. Check all the additional charges quoted by the company to see if you can somehow negotiate on them. Each family member can pack their personal belongings. Dissembling and assembling of furniture can also be taken care of by the family.

Above-said are some smart tips to save your money while moving and negotiating with your professional movers.