Top Graphic Design 2021 Predictions


As a field based on innovation and creativity, graphic design promises enormous transformations. And, of course, a massive room for exploration every single year. At the beginning of the previous year, we saw the field promising more futuristic and tech-oriented designs to celebrate the beginning of a new decade. 

This year, however, we expect a 360-degree shift in the industry’s perspective owing to the disappointing events witnessed by the world in 2020. Like other domains, graphic design is also going to prioritize people and some other intriguing aspects. What exactly, read ahead to find out more!

Abstracts X the Awakening  

The Awakening may sound like an upcoming thriller movie, but it is only a title I like to associate with the chaotic scenarios of the 60s. Back in time, art and music played essential roles in opening up people’s minds during social disturbances. Together, art and music allowed people to explore their creative sides for the betterment of the world.

Well, in 2020, there were some artworks and graphic designs inspired by the 60s that gained massive popularity. Hence, it is likely that 2021 revives the engines to start up a whole new trend in which designs possess 60’s inspired complex arrangements and vivid colors.

Majestic Monochromes  

A monochromatic design uses a single color but with several shades and hues of the same color. Using such an approach creates a simple yet expressive outlay of design. With the emoji and color chaos going on around, we expect a greater inclination towards this sorted design approach.

Retro and Vintage Comes Back

Whether it be 2021 or 2030, the past always weaves itself back into the present. And, well, the trends and style of the past hold an elevated position for aesthetics.

So, there is likely to be a lot of retro and vintage style graphics even in the upcoming year. Future graphic designs will hold inspiration from historical events, colors, fashion statements, and art.

Surge in Surrealism 

Surrealism is a rather hot and bold topic when it comes to grafisk design. Only a few dares to explore the domain wherein fiction joins hands with reality. But considering the global crisis that witnessed in 2020, it’s become a relatable and explorable domain for many. With masks truly masking emotions, reality providing cover to brutality, designing a poster with people on the moon sounds almost rational. We expect the designers to play more with surrealism this year.

Popping Typography  

Although 2020 remained a quite gloomy year, our creative designers came up with quite astonishing typography designs. From geometric to organic, there was vibrancy and experimentation with lots of new ideas. 

In the upcoming year, popped up or 3D typography will become popular. Designers may include realism and naturalistic touch into the 3D letterings. Apart from this, typography oriented logos and graphics will remain trendy. 

Final Thoughts! 

Well, that’s surely not all of what’s to come. With time, we expect the industry to truly unfold its colors and entrance us like it always does, dominating your social media feeds, flyers, and billboards. Let’s hope for some very exciting developments!