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How to Boost the Wi-Fi router range?

If you have experienced seemingly random disconnections when trying to surf the Web, stream series or movies or play online games, then you do understand the annoyance that come from poor wireless signal strength. 

Well, if you think that you need to replace your Routerlogin and get a new Wi-Fi router then you is mistaken. Here are some things that you can do to ensure that you boost the Wi-Fi router range that too without spending any money.

Keep Your Router in a Spacious Place 

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Wireless signals experience a difficult time penetrating metal and similar dense objects. Obstructions like pipes, metal filing cabinets, and walls can limit your wireless connection, and the more obstacles between your router and computer, the more extreme is going to be the interference.

So, you need to place your router in the open, away from interfering objects to boost the signal strength. Similarly, keeping your router in a corner of your house (or worse, in basement) may diminish its range and capacity. It is because the signal loses effectiveness every time it passes through an obstruction. Hence, if you keep the router in a central location, you will be able to significantly improve your Wi-Fi’s performance. 

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Here, you must try to place your Wi-Fi router as high as possible, with a line of sight to all the gadgets or devices that you will connect with it.  Though it is not always completely feasible, getting as close as you can to this aim is going to help you spread the range of your Wi-Firouter.

Analyze your Wi-Fi network

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Once you use a Wi-Fianalyser you can easily survey your own network as well as other networks whose signals can overlap with yours. It is a reality of life when you deal with wireless networks, you may experience that their signals can cause issues with other, nearby Wi-Fiinstallations. 

You may be in a position to determine that you are competing for the same channel with the router of your neighbours. Altering your router to make use of a dissimilar channel can extend your Wi-Fisignal and hence, boosts performance across the network.

Switch router frequencies

Now, dual frequency routers provide you with the choice of 5.0ghz and 2.4ghz bands. You can experience that switching to the 5.0ghz band enhances your Wi-Firange as it is going to experience less interference from other electronic gadgets. It is because the frequency is used less often. There is no harm in trying it out and you may experience an instant boost in your Wi-Fi range.

Update your Router’s Firmware

Like any other type of hardware, your router can finally fall out of date. Router manufacturers routinely bring new firmware for their products, that fixes bugs and enhances performance and reliability. Unfortunately, your wireless router does not often inform you (the user) that an update for your firmware is available.

The great news is that downloading and applying the update is a justly simple process. First, look on the back of your router to search out for the model and version numbers. With the numbers in hand, go to the manufacturer’s website to search for the latest firmware for your router. 

Once you have downloaded the file, install it by opening the configuration page  of your router. Here, read the documentation that you got with your router to find the IP address for the configuration page. Then open the tab for Firmware Upgrade and pick the downloaded file as the source. Let the upgrade procedure complete before you tap or click on any other link on the router configuration page.


So, you can check out routerilogin.net for the ways that you can handle and upgrade your Wi-Fi routers. For now, ensure that you follow all the discussed points to enhance the range of your Wi-Fi.

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