Have You Heard Of Clubhouse? The Invite Only Social Media Platform?


Clubhouse is an invite only social media platform and am sure right now you’re wondering why would I need an invite?

I’ve heard enough about clubhouse, how twitter is competing with clubhouse and something about how they don’t use messages and they use voice overs. However, of course after seeing the word appear a bit too many times I decided to take an interest and I discovered that this increasingly popular platform has built quite an interesting reputation.

So what is clubhouse?

Instead of sending messages all you have to do is send voice notes, in short it is an audio-based social media app that allows people to have sort of live conversations, so you can join in and out of conversations almost like a podcast. You can simply listen or choose to throw in your thoughts. Imagine a cocktail party or, clubhouse.

The idea is to mimic real life situations.

You can join in conversations, have moderators but the only rule is that nothing said there can leave the platform. Imagine being able to join conversations that have been hosted by Oprah or Ashton Kutcher? A number of celebrities are in it and actually participate in each other’s debates and conversations.

Other than celebrities, the app is seemingly focused on people it considers an elite clientele. It became a status symbol of sorts for Silicon Valley types after its launch last year. The whole invite-only thing was apparently taken pretty seriously. But it’s now growing.

Complaints about the app.

The only issue like any other social media platform is there insecurity that the users feels online. There have been numerous complaints that Clubhouse hasn’t done much to protect folks from abuse. Some users claim that the app is entertaining hate group and that it’s too late to do anything about it.

So how do you get an invite?

Right now, you still cannot join Clubhouse without an invite. If you’re an iPhone user, though, you can download the app and reserve a username, if that sort of thing interests you. But the app apparently plans to expand to the general public soon. It wants to build community slowly and it wants to prepare features that will help it handle larger numbers of people.

“We are building Clubhouse for everyone and working to make it available to the world as quickly as possible,” the app’s site reads.