Why So Many Celebrities Are Pushing CBD on Social Media


CBD is a hot topic – there’s no denying that. The popularity of this supplement has risen steadily, but has been boosted significantly by celebrities jumping on the trend. Numerous celebs have been open about their CBD use both on social media and in interviews. 

Whether they’re using it as a tincture, a beauty cream, or making CBD tea, celebrities are loving the way this supplement makes them feel. There are many suggested benefits to taking CBD, and influencers with hundreds of thousands of followers are promoting it to their audiences.

 Read on to discover which celebs are using CBD and why they’re so keen to promote it. You might also discover where to pick up CBD hemp oil for sale from a reputable retailer.

Top Celebrities Are Promoting CBD on Social Media

You might have heard that some A-listers like Olivia Wilde and Jennifer Aniston are using CBD. The scope is enormous, though, and there is a long list of celebrities currently using CBD. Alongside athletes who are fighting for a chance to use it mid-season, film stars and social media personalities are all on the hype. 

Here are just three of the top celebrities who have admitted using cannabidiol.

 Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell, actress in hit series like The Good Place and movies like Forgetting Sarah Marshall, is an avid user of CBD. In an interview, she admitted using CBD to calm her anxiety. Like many other famous users, she opted for CBD topicals that she applies to the skin. 

After using products from other brands for a while, Kristen launched her very own CBD company called Happy Dance. Her target audience is moms who need to chill out and have some me time. 

Kim Kardashian

Love her or loathe her, you have to admit that Kim Kardashian is a busy woman. She’s an entrepreneur, queen of social media, mother of four, and she’s currently acting as a criminal lawyer. There’s a lot on her plate! When her most recent child, Psalm, came along, she threw a CBD baby shower to celebrate. 

Kardashian says that CBD makes her feel balanced and calms her stress levels down.


It’s not just women using CBD. Famed rapper Jay-Z has also been using it. Although he hasn’t been as vocal as some other celebs, Jay-Z has partnered with Caliva, a California-based CBD brand. He is in charge of brand strategy and creativity. A year later, in 2020, he launched his own line in partnership with Caliva, called Monogram. Even if Carter is not talking openly about CBD, it’s clear he supports its use. Perhaps Bey uses it once in a while, too.

Why Are Celebrities Promoting CBD Oil?

There appears to be a common theme when you look at celebrities using CBD oil. No matter what consumption method they use, celebrities tend to employ CBD to help with their stressful, busy schedules.

 When you see CBD in media, it tends to be beauty products and tinctures alongside captions that refer to ‘wellness’ and ‘a balanced lifestyle.’ What the promoters mean by this is that CBD is a supplement that helps with general health and wellbeing.

 There is a growing body of clinical research surrounding CBD, though most of the information on its use for stress is anecdotal. Stress is a primary reason why users turn to CBD, with actress Olivia Wilde declaring that CBD topicals reduce her stress and tension when applied to the shoulders and neck. 

As for scientific evidence, there is a handful of studies. One study, published in Psychopharmacology in 2020, found that CBD can reduce social stress in patients at high risk of developing psychosis. This, of course, is more extreme than having daily work stress, but the results are nevertheless promising.

 If celebrities are to be believed, then CBD could be ideal for reducing stress.

Can You Promote CBD on Social Media?

Although you might be seeing a lot of CBD in social media, it is not technically allowed. Instagram and Facebook can be quite strict about CBD advertising. Even influencers with large following can see their accounts suspended or their engagement tank after promoting CBD. 

Nevertheless, celebrities seem to get away with it. Why this is, it’s impossible to say for certain. 

So, next time you notice your favorite celeb promoting CBD, it’s best not to mimic their online behavior. That said, you can play copycat by investing in CBD products of your own. There are plenty of high-quality products out there, like those by Premium Jane, that can satisfy all your CBD needs.