Teenage Boy Has Created An Equipment That Lifts Objects Off The Ground


A Nigerian teenage boy has wowed people with his equipment that lifts objects off the ground.

We don’t know what our Kenyan teens are doing but West African ones seem to be taking the crown when it comes to innovation. The last has definitely not been seen of Nigerian kids with jaw-dropping talents. The latest is a young boy who has gone viral after video emerged of the display of his invention.

Wisdom Ubong created a small sized tractor that lifts objects off the ground and we’re impressed to say the least.

What did he do that was phenomenal?

He lifted something that looked like a brick with the fork of the tractor to the amazement of the looking crowd. Responding to questions from the person recording the video, Wisdom said he hailed from Akwa Ibom.

He revealed that the tractor is a personal practical of his and called on the government to support him so he can turn the tractor into something proper and of better quality.

See the video below that has been trending on Twitter:

It really shows that all kids needs is a lot of support and motivation. We hope Wisdom gets the encouragement he needs and requires to launch his own innovation.