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4 Features Every OPPO Has For Video Editing

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Looking for video editing features on your OPPO phone? then you’re in the right place.

Photos have always had more or less editing options. As Android versions and manufacturer layer features have increased, the possibilities have expanded. However, while photos have always had great editing options, videos have been somewhat more forgotten. OPPO is one of the companies offering advanced video editing options since the early days of ColorOS.

Firstly, access the editor:


this option allows you to drag any end of the bar, to cut the parts of the video that we do not need. Then just click on save to have that specific part of the video.


Another of the video editing options in OPPO are filters. We can apply video filters such as Sunlight, Summer Solstice and Polaroid effect.


It is something that many users look for and before it could only be done with a third-party app. It allows us to use the music that we have stored in the mobile as the soundtrack of the video. We can also add some predefined music from the system and click on “turn off” to remove the original sound from the video.


This option makes sense to create presentations or to put both a title at the beginning of the video. We can add overlay text. To do this, we can drag the text to choose the position and drag the frame viewer to control when the text has to appear.


This is the personal signature on our video creations. Within this option we can add a watermark, with the location and date of the video. In case the video does not contain this information, the watermark cannot be added.

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