Twitter Is Testing An Edit Button For Those Who Like Correcting Grammatical Errors


Twitter is testing an edit button for those who like correcting grammatical errors.

For years – basically for all of Twitter’s existence – Twitter users have called on the platform to add an ‘Edit’ option so that they can correct those annoying grammatical errors, which always seem to infiltrate your best tweets.

Twitter has repeatedly said that it’s not going to happen, but there have been signs of a potential compromise, like, say, a short window of time after pressing ‘Tweet’ to recall your missive.

Now, that could be what Twitter’s developing – check out this example:

As you can see here, the new option would enable you to recall your tweet within a 5-second window, which could be enough time to quickly check over your witty observation and catch any clumsy errors before it’s unleashed.

Who will it benefit?

The format here is likely not the final version – as several Twitter users have noted, the prompt obscures the tweet in question, which renders it somewhat ineffective.

But once finalized, it could indeed be a good compromise. It won’t please all of those dedicated, and passionate, tweet editing advocates. But it’s something – and it could be a valuable option, in several ways.

The main usage here would be to catch errors, but an additional benefit could be that it enables users to also re-think their tweet before sending. Small elements of friction like this within the tweet process can often be enough to provide a moment of clarity, and may stop users from sending offensive or unintended comments as a result.

That’s what Twitter’s found with some of its other prompts, like its ‘read before retweeting’ pop-up, which Twitter says has lead to people opening articles 40% more often when displayed.