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How to turn Quiet Mode off in the Facebook app

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Facebook is among the most popular social networking sites used by more than two billion people across the world. Quiet Mode is a new feature on Facebook that allows users reduce your use of the app. It allows us to focus on the work at hand without really being interrupted by continuous notifications. Quiet Mode enables pause most Facebook push notifications and even disables badges on your home screen.

Quiet Mode could be switched on manually or scheduled as per your preference. This allows the user to specify a daily timeframe for Quiet Mode that allows Facebook to automatically turn it on without having to open the app.

How to turn Quiet Mode to Facebook:

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  • Open the iOS (available) or Android Facebook app
  • Go to the profile
  • Press the three rows in the bottom right corner, and then look for the Privacy and Press Settings
  • Press on your time on Facebook
  • Turn on Quiet Mode

As of now, this feature is only available on their iOS app, which is available for iPhone and iPad.

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