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Kazi enables employers and job seekers to interact.

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The process of finding workers to offer services such as the domestic ones can be a real hustle especially when it comes to finding a qualified one, trustable and one who is punctual as well. Kazi was started with the purpose of helping find all kinds of native workers without any hustle at any time even on a short notice. Kazi provides you with an opportunity to work at your own pace providing the jobs available. The services include the manual jobs, warehouse, cleaning services and maintenance of homes as well. Any person who would want to get a job through Kazi should adhere to Kazi guidelines and is required to have qualifications such as a good conduct certificate not older than 3 months, a background check done, perform a skills assessment test and pass it. Kazi takes 25 % of the commission from the worker for the fee of connecting the customer and the provider of the service. It is absolutely free of charge to ask Kazi to find you any worker you need may it be a plumber, landscaper as you are provided an opportunity to ask for any worker you need without having to struggle asking for recommendations from referrals. Using the Kazi platform you are expected to provide the amount you are to offer the worker, take a look at their profile and ratings and follow keenly at what they do occasionally. Once you ask and get a staff you should progress to where they work punctually through maps, track time from the beginning to the end.

The procedure to use their services entails of:

·         Placing the urge of a worker in the platform is what is needed as the first thing providing details such as what the job entails, the expected time of arrival, and the contact point. This enables the service providers to take a look and decide whether they are in for the payment offered as well.

·         Many workers will send their responses and that is when you get a chance to communicate with all of them to ensure that the one you are going to pick is qualified. You can go ahead to communicate with them so that they can start the work.

·         When the worker completes their task, it is important to check the work done and the time that they have used to complete the job so as to ensure that they have met your expectations. This is important to avoid complaints especially when it comes to making payments to Kazi.

Payment of Kazi services is only allowed after the job is done and the customer is content that is when they can make the payment. Upon satisfaction of any job as well done there are ratings which you can rate their services as well as letting them know of how the experience was. Looking for services should no longer be a hustle and job seekers can as well check whether there are vacancies on the platform. Contacting Kazi is also allowed through 0719034200 and you can reach out to them via chat or [email protected].

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Weddy Thuranira
Weddy Thuranira
Weddy profiles new startups and innovators across Africa and announces funding rounds, mergers, acquisitions and startup partnerships across Africa. She is based in Nairobi, Kenya. Reach her and the entire news desk at [email protected]

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