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Why is Instagram the best social networking application?


Instagram, an American social networking application, is one of the most popular in the world. It has a lot of benefits that help it stand out. From online business benefits to assisting people in connecting better, Instagram does it all. It was initially an iOS application, but now it can be accessed by Android users as well. Instagram is a truly global platform used by business owners, regular people, and celebrities. Consumers can use Instagram to share something important, like the launch of a new product or some service, or they can use it to share something about their everyday life. The option of direct messages, commenting, and posting pictures allow people to engage with each other in a better and more accessible manner.

  1. Targeting the right audience

For business owners, Instagram is the best platform to establish their businesses online. With the use of online marketing, it has become very easy to target the right audience and influence a young buyer’s shopping choice. A large percentage of young people have Instagram accounts. In this day and age, young people earn quite a lot of money, usually through freelancing. The job of an online business is to gain a presence on Instagram and persuade the younger audience of the quality of their products. Instagram provides such business owners the perfect platform to post impressive pictures and videos of their products and attract female and male shoppers. The wide range of audiences on Instagram allows businesses to flourish at a fast pace.

2. Active users all around the world

Since Instagram is an entertaining application that keeps its users occupied more than any other social networking service, people can take advantage of this and gain more engagement on their posts. Reportedly, Instagram has more user activity than any other social media platform. This means that this application has a large number of extremely active users continuously liking, following, and commenting on different posts. This is a great perk for businesses as well as internet celebrities to increase their popularity and engagement. This is why Instagram has all types of users, from musicians posting song covers, to artists sharing pictures of their paintings, to writers publishing their poems and prose. Instagram gives all such creative people an opportunity to gain an active and supportive audience.

3. Impressive user interface

Instagram has a far more impressive user interface compared to Facebook or other networking applications. It can be noted that other apps display a lot more than just the photos posted by the users, such as the search bar, the notifications and friend request section, etc. This creates a mess on the news feed of the user and distracts them. However, Instagram only displays clear pictures posted by the users you are following. This increases the engagement of the users and allows them to concentrate on individual posts instead of missing out on posts from friends and family. In this way, Instagram allows people to stay in touch with their loved ones as well as their favorite celebrities.

Instagram activity-tracking to find out more about your loved ones

Search for ‘how to see someone’s activity on Instagram’ if you want to find out about someone’s interest and hobbies. If you like a classmate or a colleague and you are searching for ways to start conversations with them, you can use the Instagram tracker. Such a tracking tool compiles a report on the Instagram activity of a specified user. It informs about the posts they like, which depicts their interest and hobbies. You can take advantage of such a report to figure out whether you have any common interests, and it will help to start a conversation.

Other than this, Instagram activity tracking allows parents to make sure that their children are not misusing their unmonitored access to Instagram. Children may view an inappropriate post on Instagram. To keep kids safe from such activities, parents can access a comprehensive report on the posts that their kids engage with on Instagram. If they are exposed to harmful content, they can restrict their child’s access to the internet.