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Kenya’s Tupay wants to make payment of daily purchases safe and swift.

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Tupay app has enabled making everyday purchases a secure and a laid-back procedure through their online platform. Tupay is accessible and is within your means thus making it more preferable. In order to access the Tupay services conveniently you are to provide your personal number registered on mobile money or the linked card to profile. Tupay offers the following services:

  • Transferring money whereby you can transfer money through Tupay to make payments to services like NSSF, NHIF, and M changa as you offer donations.
  • Payment of expenses from mobile wallets like M Pesa, Eazzypay etc. through Tupay.
  • Making hotel and restaurant bookings through and refund of air tickets is possible as well.
  • Payment of utility bills such as electricity bills and tokens and purchase of airtime using the Tupay pay bill number 737373.
  • Reservation of air tickets to over 3,200 destinations worldwide and reserve for hotels and dine at restaurants in Nairobi.

Customers are provided a platform whereby they can:

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  • Choose their ideal mobile payment method and also Tupay is able to safely authorize payment through their SIM Toolkit availed by the client purchasing the order.
  • Know of the transaction limits which are always displayed to the user to notify them when a transaction exceeds the limit.
  • Charges that they will be asked to pay are always at a display for the customers to know when making purchases.
  • Access their payment receipts for future reference.
  • Get a notification of a failed transaction via sms instantly to avoid inconveniences.

Tupay services are customer friendly whereby they provide:

  • A verification that you have purchased for the purchases that have been made through mobile and the user is enabled to select the one to benefit from their contacts, for other biller based accounts a verification is done before the facilitation of the payment.
  • After frequently using the Tupay app you don’t have to always go through the struggle of fetching for the service, you can access them in the frequently paid items.
  • It is not necessary to have installed the app to use the Tupay services for Tupay provides a store which is easy for you to remove or add the supplier. Tupay is working towards making purchase of items easier.
  • Summary of the payments made is provided and there is a guaranteed service delivery, an immediate notification, auto save of payment as well the details of the beneficiary.

Tupay also offers an amazing experience whereby accessing their flagship services is more defined by simply going to the Tupay app, choosing the service that you want, selecting the details of your payment and clicking on the buy option providing details of how you want to pay. The SIM Toolkit for the payment option chosen will pop up and this is when you give your pin a confirmation of the payment is as well provided by the mobile service provider, Tupay and the merchant.

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Tupay is user-friendly to its users and provides a platform on their social media platforms to give them feedback on their services.

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Weddy Thuranira
Weddy Thuranira
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