How to Stop Apps from using cell data on Android Phone


How to Stop Apps from Using Cell Data on Android Phone

To significantly minimize use of data on your device, here are a few useful background information. If your data is turned on, you may be charged for background data. These apps can sap your batteries and valuable resources, but there may be a few different causes for your problems. Some apps may not be well optimized, some may be malware, or some may have a bug.

The following steps may constrain apps from using data on any other Android phone:

  • Head over to settings for your mobile device.
  • At the top right corner, tap the settings icon.
  • Get on Network & Internet > Use of data.
  • Select the data usage app to see just how much data every other app has used recently.
  • Select ‘Use of cellular/mobile data.’
  • Choose an individual app.
  • If your background data is enabled, then choose the button to turn it off. The button will turn Gray when it’s off.
  • You could also change your sync settings for Google services in Settings > Accounts > Google > Select an account and then uncheck the services that you do not want to sync automatically.


Deactivating background data could perhaps prevent a few apps from functioning right unless you are connected to a Wi-Fi network. In the event that this affects you, you may consider disabling specific apps from using Cellular Data for background activities instead of restricting background data for all apps.